Trump’s impact on sports is more than some

This Presidency affects everyone. Good and bad it affects us all. President Trump and his campaign have inspired many people to voice their opinions – some agree and endorse Trump, while others disagree and disregard Trump, which both sides have the right to do.

When we look at sports whether it is basketball, football, soccer, tennis or even cricket these athletes who compete in these activities are role models and their voices and actions carry weight and it affects peoples’ opinions for good or bad.

When Trump was announced as the 45th President of the United States people all over the world spoke on the subject. Which everyone has the right to do, but Trump’s Presidency has started off unlike any other.

Trump will welcome in the Superbowl winners of SuperBowl 51 as well as the NBA champions of 2017. It would seem like an easy process in the course of the celebration going to the White House to celebrate with the President, as something almost every player looks forward to, and should as they have earned that honor.

As we saw President Barack Obama welcome countless teams and athletes over his presidency, some players such as Tom Brady and others decided not to show up to his visitations or times of celebration, which is their choice.

Yet with Trump it seems as if many more players, athletes and coaches are voicing their concerns, disbelief and some support of him. It seems as if no matter what side you are on you are seen differently from fans and supporters – even fellow athletes.

Lebron James, an NBA player from the Cleveland Cavaliers, has stated he will not stay at Trump hotels among other players from his team, who remained nameless.

Head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich, has openly opposed Trump and his presidency. Even going as far as stating that Trump has, “soft skin”.

Head Coach Steve Kerr (and past NBA player) is a democrat and has been very vocal on social issues. When asked if he would visit Trump in the White House if his team wins the championship he stated, “I certainly hope that we have to have that decision to make.” and refused to say anything else on the subject.

There has also been support for Trump from NFL Quarterback Tom Brady and his coach Bill Belichick. Even though they have both suppressed a lot of their support for Trump, they have made it clear who they wanted to win the election. Dennis Rodman, Hulk Hogan and Mike Tyson are a few of the names of celebrities who are also in support of and voted for Trump.

Politics have always played a part in sports. Yet on this big of a scale with this many athletes going as far as to change hotels, and questioning visiting The White House, you have to wonder just how much of a shadow Trump casts over sports? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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