Student Government statement regarding the attack on Asian Americans on Tuesday

Written by: SCSU Student Government

On Tuesday, we witnessed an attack against the Asian and Asian American community. These horrific shootings are sadly one of many recent hate crimes targeting the Asian community. Many of these incidents will go unreported and not make any headlines. 

Our senate wants to give our deepest support to members from the Asian community with regards to the violent events that took place on Tuesday. Violence against anyone must be condemned. Now more than ever the Asian community requires allyship. We must work together to break the silence surrounding the current rise in racism and end the indifference.

As a campus we must come together to defeat these oppressive and evil actors who are intent on attacking and further traumatizing people of marginalized identities. 

To our Asian and Asian American friends, colleagues, and neighbors, please know that we at SCSU Student Government support you. 

Together, all of us must condemn this violence and stand with those targeted by hate.

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