One night one fight: My Hero Academia Heroes Rising

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Anime lovers and fans flocked to the theaters Tuesday night as the popular anime, My Hero Academia had its second major movie release on the big screen. With a nearly sold-out showing, it is clear that My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising was a movie that no one could miss.

The movie takes place as a side story to the anime storyline (so no worries if you’re down a few episodes) on Nabu Island where the whole class of 1-A takes jobs as heroes in a low crime community. However, their plans of hero work are pushed to the test when a villain named Nine and his gang of evildoers want to change the world to a society based on power alone.

With no heroes to rely on the class of 1-A must risk their lives and fight for the people of Nabu Island and perhaps the world.

All of the original English voice cast is back for the dubbed version of the movie, which is only fitting, nobody else but Clifford Chapin can play a mean and loud Katsuki Bakugo like him. All the characters sounded perfect just like the anime, the movie really shows the passion that each voice actor gives for their characters and gives them the development they deserve.

The animation for this movie was extremely colorful and vibrant, every scene was filled with beautiful environments to see on screen. Character designs and costumes were just as aesthetically pleasing from the head to the toes nobody seemed out of place with their fresh looks. All these wonderful looks come thanks from the animation studio Bones, who has produced famous anime in the past including Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater and Mob Psycho 100.

Of course, every action-packed anime has to have an awesome soundtrack to go with it and when it comes to the theaters, the My Hero Academia team doesn’t skip a beat. Bringing in their composer for the series, Yuki Hayashi composed the score for not only Heroes Rising but the previous movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. Every fight scene felt so much more intense and impactful thanks to the masterful score by Hayashi, no scene felt the same because each song was dedicated to a select moment in the movie.

Now of course it comes down to the fight scenes, and wow they are intense! So much action and energy in each battle all the heroes go through, everyone’s quirks are used to their absolute limit, it showcases how strong each student has grown and really own their style. The animation is extremely well done in the fight scenes, from the flashes, the bangs and explosions the folks at Bones really set the bar for what a high-quality anime battle can look like.

Without spoiling anything I would say if you are a My Hero Academia fan, this was a movie you could simply not miss out on, there was so much passion in this movie it was a real treat for all audience members. The story is emotional for our main characters and it shows how far they’ve come and what it takes to be a hero.

Because the movie is only a one night showing the next chance to see My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising would be its release on digital or on DVD. Overall, if you are a My Hero Academia fan or just love anime, in general, check out My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, I give it 5/5 Huskies!

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