Minneapolis rapper ‘Metasota’ is featured on Monday Night Live

Metasota during his performance during Monday Night Live. Photo By: Nathan Merrier
Metasota during his performance during Monday Night Live. Photo By: Nathan Merrier

Minneapolis-based rapper, Metasota, was the next artist to participate on KVSC’s Monday Night Live, which aired this past Monday, Sept. 28th, 2015.

Rapping on Monday Night live, he was able to display a wide variety of his tracks from his earliest albums, like ‘H.I.P (Happy I’m Present: The 2 Week Theory)’ all the way up to his most recent album “#BlackFriday”.

Metasota’s website describes his musical personality as, “the definition of an emcee that believes in his craft and wants to bring it to as many people as possible.” The main goal that his website outlines is, to reach as many people as he possible can with his music.

According to Meta, his journey into rap started in high school. When asked about how he get started making music, Metasota said, “It all started at fire drills, they where a huge thing at central, there would be different groups of 20+ people rapping and that’s where I started free-styling and I did pretty good.”

From there everything began to fall into place for Meta.

“My boy leaf foreword said I should go by Metaphor because of the symbolism I use in my lyrics,” said Metasota, explaining the genesis of his name. Meta also said that he wanted to use a name a little more originality that Metaphor, so he later came up with Metasota.

Commenting on the start of his music career, Meta said, “I was in a rap group called herbal tactics, and DJ Skee, who went to central as well as being our manager, he actually started selling some of our music.”

Meta really emphasized the importance of the support he received from his friends and family and impact they’ve had on his music.

“I’m a fortunate dude. I’ve never really burned bridges with anyone so when I see anyone from the past, it’s all love,” said Meta. He went on to say that, “I’ve just always been in the right situation with the right people.”

Meta said that it was with the help of well known Minnesota rapper, Mod Sun, he was able to produce his first record.

“He let me use his studio for two weeks while he was out on tour, and when he came back he mixed and dropped the album, that’s why it’s called they two week theory,” said Meta.

When asked about the Minn. rap scene, Meta commented on the diversity of the overall scene saying, “I think the rap scene in Minnesota just sums up Minnesota in general. Like with our weather and sports teams, you have know idea what you’re going to get from one day to the next.”

Meta also mentioned how Minn. rap uses elements from all different sub-genres.

“Up here we embrace the artist part of making music, people tend to be very creative,” said Meta

Meta said that this summer, he kept busy with a lot of shows, and after his Monday Night live performance, he is going to lay low and work on his next album, “Rum DMT.”

After talking with Meta for a while, it wasn’t hard to tell how passionate about music he is. When asked about why he started rapping and why he choose to purse a career in music, all Meta had to say was, “I just really really enjoyed making music. I didn’t start out taking it seriously. I just had a lot of fun, and that’s got me to where I am now.”

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