Husky Dome remains up, since fall 2019

The Husky Dome stands tall for Campus Recreation. Photo credit: Matthew Auvil

As the fall season continues to move forward with the cold weather coming in and the leaves beginning to change colors, one part of Husky Athletics stands amongst the seasons, the Husky Dome.

However, the dome normally doesn’t stay up this long. It was due to come down, but with the COVID-19 restrictions put in place, the dome has stayed up since last year.

Calvin Diggs, the Director of Campus Recreation told the University Chronicle that while they had intended to have the dome taken down, there were some uncertainties relating to sports going on with the dome.

“The dome didn’t go down primarily because of COVID-19 and also uncertainties in regards to when the NCAA would give approval for sports and the outside rentals from the Minnesota High School Association,” said Diggs.

Diggs added that the Husky Dome did come down momentarily in the summer on two separate occasions for these repairs and that they could have taken it down then, but it was left up as the school year was about to start.

The repairs included patching up tears that, left untended, could result in holes from the wind that can stretch up to six feet.

Scott Underwood, the Director of Halenbeck Facilities, said the dome costs $65,000 to $80,000 to install over the field and the utilities cost is split 50 percent by the Sports Facilities/Campus Recreation via dome rentals and club/intramural fees and the other 50 percent is from Athletics.

“The fall [weather] was upon us and there was about about a six to seven week window where we could have taken it down but it was much more cost efficient to leave it up,” explained Diggs.

The Husky Dome has plans to come down in the spring of 2021, though Diggs feels it could stay up longer because of COVID-19 policies.

The dome would be taken down by staff and students and other organizations on campus.

“With COVID-19 and the Protect the Pack plan in place and everything evolving the way it is in the winter and fall, the dome will probably stay up,” said Diggs. “We have expectations for it to come down in the spring, but we just haven’t gotten that far yet.”

Students don’t seem to mind that the dome has stayed up this long and actually see it as a great way to stay active while it gets colder.

“I feel like the dome affects us so positively,” Syed Faheel Aziz, a student athlete at SCSU, said. “We can play sports in the peak time of fall and winter where temperatures can get so low and we can enjoy recreational sports like football or soccer.”

Aziz, who was practicing for an intramural soccer match, said that the Husky Dome is a positive outlet for students who may get cooped up inside when it is cold out and that the physical activity can keep you in a good mood. Intramural teams will meet and play in the dome for tournaments or other recreational activities

For all the upcoming events happening in campus recreation check out their website.

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