Health fair offers options for wellness

This Wednesday, April 20, the students of Health Event Planning (Health 425) hosted their annual health fair event.

The Health Event Planning class is a senior level class for SCSU community health majors. Which, according to health professor Teresa Heck, is a somewhat broad major with most students going into public health, nonprofit work, or personal health and fitness.

According to course professor Teresa Heck, this year’s fair featured over 35 different vendors, four different breakout sessions, and has now been student run for over ten years.

“We want people to have an opportunity to learn about the different areas of health and have access to them, the whole idea is they can’t really sell anything but they can promote their products and services,” said Heck, commenting on why her class hosts the annual event.

The diverse array of community vendors that were featured at the health fair included BLEND, The Youth Shelter Supply, Fitness Evolution, St. Cloud Police Department, Edward D. Jones, The Good Earth Food Co-op, Planned Parenthood, and many more vendors that featured different health topics.

“This class is offered both in the fall and in the spring and we always have one big event, in the fall we help the American Cancer Society with the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event, by planning and working that in the October, and in the spring we always have the health fair so this year my class organized it,” said Heck, when explaining how the Health Event Planning classes work.

Professor Heck also went into detail on how the organization of the class was set up by saying, “We have a committee for marketing, decorations and setup, logistics, recruitment, and a breakout committee, which is brand new this year.”

“We try and represent the eight different dimensions of wellness and we tried to have things from each of those, which is kind of difficult,” said Heck.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) website, the eight areas of wellness are emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual.

Heck also stated that financial stress impacts students’ health a lot, so they brought in different resources students can look into, like Edward Jones.

SCSU Senior and Health 425 student Alicia Lang explained how there were different committees and what the breakout session presentations featured this year.

“I happen to be on the breakout committee, which is creating events and sessions besides the actual health fair, to get more people to come through and to provide more informative sessions than walking around to each table,” said Lang.

According to Lang, the committee planned four different breakout sessions, including a Ted Talk presentation, a presentation by community health professor Troy Schaffer, St. Cloud police officer Sergeant Tad Hoeschen taking about verbal de-escalation and two different yoga sessions.

“A lot of the positions I’ve been applying for internship-wise require assessing the needs and implementing and creating different programs,” said Lang, when asked how the class has helped with her major.

Lang also said that the best part of the day watching everything come together.

“Today is the day where it all comes together and it’s fun because there’s been a couple of hiccups already, but we expected than and we’ve been fixing the problems and that’s the best part of the experience by far,” Lang said.

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