Graduation: The dream of every college student

When I came to St. Cloud State University, all I could think of was what my grades would be the first semester and I was scared. I thought of what to do to make sure that I met American standards of intelligence. I really was not sure I was good enough for St Cloud State University. I was worried because my classes were not easy and I was sure that I would not do well in school. I always was in distress and was sad just thinking of what would happen if I could not maintain the standard grade point average that the school had and what would happen to me if I could not stay in school. I think most students agree that grades are the way we know if we are successful or not. People have a way of asking if we are doing well in school by asking if we have good grades.

I used to feel bad whenever I did not do well in school and I told myself that it meant that I was not good enough. I always told myself that I was not good enough and I was not successful. I defined my success by a number. I measured my self-esteem by a number. Numbers meant the world to me. I did not mind what was happening with my health as long as I had that number called the grade point average. I just wanted to have a number that could define me and tell me who I was and who I wanted to be. I had people who posted their grades on Facebook and had perfect grades or even the scholarship grades of 3.75 and above and I told myself that I did not know how they made it and they had the same brain that I had. Most students would definitely agree with me that it is hard to get decent grades. No one likes to sit down and write a 200 paged research paper on an in-depth topic. Everyone has a different way of learning and people learn at different paces and it is very important to discover our learning patterns as they affect final grades.

Issues like illness cause students to miss classes and sometimes affect grades and it does not mean that a student is not good academically. I now have a different view about grades and I believe that numbers do not define the worth of a person. I was told by my professors that my grades were not a true measure of who I was worth. My professor told me that I should not worry about those numbers and that I should continue learning. I asked employers one on one if they felt that grades mattered and they told me this. Having good grades is good but what really matters are the skills that a student has. Those skills include time management, communication, public speaking, critical thinking, team work, decision making, computer proficiency, writing, research and many more.

Some employers want students that are good with social media as that is what is reigning nowadays. Not that employers do not look at grades but grades are not the only thing that they look for. Perfect grades are nice but even the President of the United States graduated with a 3.7 g.p.a. His wife graduated cum laude with a g.p.a. of 3.5. I want students to work hard but not to the extent of putting their mental health at risk because of those grades. I believe that when we learn and challenge ourselves and get an education that is what we need to change the world.

For those of us that did not make it to the dean’s list, we can always keep trying. For other people who did, kudos to you and more grease to your elbow. It is a wonderful achievement to be on the dean’s list and I dream of it. Some dreams come true eventually. I really commend those who have superior intellect, those who work 60 hours a week and still maintain a summa cum laude g.p.a. I really commend those graduating this may with honors.

Graduation is coming in a few weeks and so many students are celebrating and excited and it is a big joy to leave school after four or more years in college. College is hard and so graduating is very big and I am very happy for those who are moving up. I dream of graduating a lot and I am already planning my graduation day.

I am graduating with two majors and I am proud of all my accomplishments in two years. I have met great professors like Dr. James Cottrill and Dr. Luke Tripp. I have met a lot of people who have supported me and I am grateful to all my classmates who listen to me when I talk of my struggle. I have met a lot of wonderful people who are graduating but they will always be in my heart.

I have met some challenges too that I never expected, like some offices going around to say untrue things about me but I am grateful for the haters because they inspire me and motivate me to be even greater. So to the offices saying stuff, please continue I am strong enough to handle it. I’m more of a warrior than anything so I do not fear obstacles rather I conquer them and win. Congratulations to everyone graduating and I hope you had a great experience at school and if not I hope things get better in the future. Cheers!      

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Oluwatobi Oluwagbemi

Oluwatobi is a college student trying to make things work. She loves writing and listening to music. You can always see her with a pen trying to jot down notes. Oluwatobi loves to learn and meet new people.

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