Grades are not the reflection of a student’s ability

Grades are very important in college and that is the whole aim of a college education. To get good grades is why students are in school, and to get a good education and better their lives. So looking at things, good grades are good to have.

The truth is, good grades are hard to get, they don’t fall on your lap. It is a real struggle to get good grades and it affects the mental health to try and set very high standards. It is sometimes unrealistic when students say they want perfect grade point averages. They can be done but very hard to meet.

I met a girl at a training who had perfect grades for the past two semester, and I was so impressed. Furthermore, she was a bio medical science major. Amazing.

I have met people who have been on the dean’s list since freshman year until they graduate, and I think to myself how do they do it?

They look okay. Nothing seems to challenge them. People graduate with summa cum laude. It is very possible to achieve such high honors, but at what cost? At the cost of one’s health or wellbeing?

Not that everyone who gets perfect grades neglected their health. I have a friend who works 60 hours at two jobs, is the president of an organization, takes a full course load and lives in the Twin Cities. Some people even work 80 hours, which is impressive.

It is admirable to do all these things, but the stress that can come with it is very serious and can affect the wellbeing. So the issue of grades is serious, but not life threatening. Looking at the greatest people on earth, some did not even finish their college degree.

One of them is the richest woman on earth who is a college drop out. Her name is Elizabeth Holmes and she dropped out of Stanford because she did not understand her classes. If you feel like you don’t understand that calculus class or any hard class at all, it is okay.

Elizabeth Holmes is worth $4.5 billion. She is an example of someone who conquered in spite of all odds. She is just one of the many people who did not finish their education and still became successful. She is the CEO of blood testing firm called Theranos.

College grades are not the biggest criteria in determining life success. Bill Gates is one of the richest men on Earth, and he is a Harvard drop out. Steve Jobs is also a drop out of Reed College and started taking programming classes, which helped him start his own company. Mark Zuckerberg is a drop out from Harvard and according to Forbes, Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in the world, with net worth of $4 billion in 2010.

The aim of college is to learn and be successful in life and not to be burned out trying to meet certain expectations of perfection and accomplishment. The aim of life is not to be perfect but to learn from mistakes and grow from them.

College is meant to be enjoyed not endured. Once a while taking time to relax and rest is good for the brain. The body needs to rest and it is important to eat well and sleep in college and not be overwhelmed. In total, it is great to have good grades but it should not be at the expense of one’s health. Getting good grades are great, but they do not mean the world.

It is great to aim for the moon and the stars, but life is more enjoyable when those goals are realistic and smart. It means that you know that you can achieve the highest grades in the class if you put your mind to it, it means that no excuses and not being late.

It means that you study the materials further before class so that you can participate and answer questions. It means that you participate as much as possible in classes and listen when others talk. It means that you give your best and never give up.

It means that school is the priority and do not invest in anything that will not benefit you in the long term. I know that anyone can achieve greatness even without summa cum laude grade in all the classes. In life, talent and hard work is the basics for the success and not necessarily perfect grades.

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Oluwatobi Oluwagbemi

Oluwatobi is a college student trying to make things work. She loves writing and listening to music. You can always see her with a pen trying to jot down notes. Oluwatobi loves to learn and meet new people.

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