Digital Journalism brings change for University Chronicle

Journalism today is nothing like it was a century ago. With fewer print publications and digital media at full force, everyone needs to adapt to stay in the game, or hopefully, ahead of it. College publications aren’t any different – so when I was hired on to be the next Editor in Chief of the University Chronicle, I knew it was time for the fully-digital transition, and I knew I had to be the one to lead it.

I come from a background in online content creation – from social media managing to freelance writing and blogging to website design and photo editing. Some may be surprised to hear, but I actually love print-journalism and everything it encompasses. The nostalgia of opening up a print newspaper, flipping through the pages of National Geographic magazines, feeling the glossy paper from an old 35mm black and white photo that was taken decades before…my mind instantly wraps itself up into the memories of the simplistic. Plus, I dislike staring at my Apple products all day.

So, I am here to announce that University Chronicle will be transitioning to a primarily digital platform beginning summer 2017. Additionally, we will be printing two long-form journalism magazines – one for each semester to focus on more in-depth features relating to our readers.

I’ll be honest with you, this decision was not an easy one. Who wants to be in the position of putting a stop to printing a newspaper that’s been on St. Cloud State University’s campus since 1924? But when you have a limited budget and students-only as your staff, you can only thrive so much on multiple platforms, which ultimately limits your quality and ability to really succeed at what your endgame is: Storytelling.

On the bright side in my mind, one thing that has not and will not ever change about journalism, is the definition of it. Journalism has and always will be about telling the story of people, events, and places throughout our world. Checking the facts and getting them set straight for the public. It doesn’t matter what method is used to get those articles out to people – what matters is the efficiency of it, and for us, we will now have the ability to create more in-depth, compelling, and quality journalism. And connect you, our readers, with it as timely as possible through social media and the rest of the digital media world. Quality journalism is needed now more than ever, so why not start with us? With the future journalists.


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Jessie Wade

Jessie was the Editor-in-Chief of the University Chronicle during the 2017-2018 academic year. She graduated in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Geography, and a minor in British Studies. Jessie's social media channels are a mix of film and video game goodness, along with gender equality and inspiration vibes. Follow her on twitter @jessieannwade to connect.

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