Body confirmed of missing St. Cloud man

Almost a week after he had been missing, searchers recovered the body of 24-year-old St. Cloud man Tyler Berg in a Monticello marsh on Sunday, Nov. 29.

The Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the identity of Berg on Tuesday. The circumstances surrounding his death are currently under investigation by the Wright County Sheriff’s Office and Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office.

However, new developments have come forward in the case, as a search warrant filed in Benton County District Court revealed Berg was living at a halfway house and was believed to have relapsed into drug use before his disappearance.

The court document showed Berg collected clothing from the halfway house around midnight Nov. 22 and told staff he was planning on traveling to the Twin Cities metro area.

It was seven hours later when Berg’s abandoned vehicle was found near Oakview Circle in Monticello, along with Berg’s shoes and pants–which contained his driver’s license–near Otter Creek Park.

Investigators are still piecing together the chain of events that led to Berg’s body being found across Interstate Highway 94, in a marsh behind homes on Dalton Avenue Northeast.

United Legacy, a non-profit search organization, worked with many volunteers and officials to comb the Monticello area searching for Berg. The City of Monticello provided a search headquarters, and businesses and civic groups made donations towards the search efforts.

The Monticello VFW helped the efforts by donating food to the searchers. In three days, they fed over 250 people.

Mary Rognass, the post manager of the Monticello VFW, said this was the first search they have donated food for, but they were more than happy to help.

“You hear about the search and hear about the findings, which always seems to be sad, but you don’t really know what is the reason or the cause,” Rognass said. “You also wonder about the safety of your community and the young people in it.”

Berg’s family has since posted a GoFundMe page for his memorial at The website says Berg was a dad, brother, cousin, grandson and nephew that will be missed by many. The family said their current mission is to ease the financial hardship placed on Ric and Toni Berg and Jodi Greenman. On the site, they thanked the many volunteers who helped find him.

Sarah’s Video Package on Finding Berg:

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