Apple isn’t all its cracked up to be

Apple technology products tend to be portrayed as this untouchable, next generation, superior technology.  This comes from their witty advertisements, informal celebrity endorsements, their positive critical reviews, and consumers with their products believing that they have the best tech products out there.

For a while, the only argument non-apple users could make is that Apple products were packed with more RAM than necessary, but with the recent slew of failures of OS X Yosemite, especially the ones that I’ve had to deal with, Windows and other OS platforms can take some different battles to them.

Upon OS X Yosemite’s release around this time last year, there were complaints of the root application “Finder” unexpectedly quitting, especially during logging out, causing the Macintosh computer to go into this state of “limbo,” where users couldn’t officially log out, but they stayed frozen on the desktop.

The only way to get out of this situation is to “power-cycle” the computer–hold the power button till the Mac Shut off, the power the Mac again.  The interesting thing about this issue is that there’s not really any precursor as to know when this error will occur.

You could go through your normal business, then go to log off and you’ll go into this limbo state.  From all the tests that I’ve done on the Mac “Edit” computers, it seems to occur when your most recently exited program fails to respond to the quit command, but said program is truly random.

Sometimes it was Photoshop, sometimes Firefox, sometimes Microsoft Word, even Root Programs like Contacts would cause this limbo state, making the likelihood of this pressing issue truly random, and leaving the Mac potentially vulnerable to data leaks, hacks and more.

Apple’s solution to this problem was to release an updated OS this past September named after another natural beauty in California: El Capitan.

While I admit that this OS is still too new to determine if it fixes issues from the previous version, the fact that Apple had released two new OS’s within one calendar year shows that Apple products are not as high and mighty as portrayed.

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