10 pieces of advice for college students

1 . Go to Class, Connect with Profs. I learned this in my first year of being in college. Connecting with your professors is very important because they are the best resource in any class that you take, can give future career advice, write letters of recommendation and even connect you with alumni. All these can take you far in your college career. Also if you’re struggling in classes, they can help give further explanations and break things down and help with make-up tests. Ultimately professors want the best for you and it is important that you make good use of them.

2 . Use Rate my Professors. Rate my professor is an online platform that shows you what other students say about your professors and the kind of grades they give and also if they give A’s or more like they prefer to give anything other than an A. It is helpful when students like you can give you advice without you even meeting them in person. Just go online type the name of the professor and the school and it will bring the information you need and advice on how to pass the class can be found from other students with experience.

3 . Have a study buddy. It is important to have a study partner that you can talk to, read with and share ideas with. Having a study partner in your major can help a lot, especially if they are more experienced than you or in another level higher than yours. They can share one or two tips with you on how they survived finals or how to pass that test without cramming. Google is good for general answers but a personal connection is better. It also helps because they can be your group partner when the time comes for group projects.

4 . Eat well, relax and go to events. Eating well is so important in college. Not just college but everyday life. I did not do that because I was so busy with all the work I do and did not make time to take care of myself. I had to learn that eating well gives me the energy to be active in school and focus on school. Relaxing is another thing that college students neglect due to having a busy schedule. Relaxing could mean fifteen minutes meditation or listen to music for thirty minutes. Watching movies is my thing. Going for events also helps to meet people, interact with people and seek opportunities for networking. Going for events helps to also build skills and volunteer which looks good on the resume.

5 . Join students organizations that you’re passionate about. I joined several organizations in my second year of school and kept getting more involved in other organizations because they gave me experience and also I was able to make an impact on my campus. I later started my own organization on my campus because I am passionate about student success. It is important to understand that college is not about the classes only but that outside experience also adds to the college years experience. Organizations will help you build leadership skills and experience for the future.

6 . Use a planner, Plan your semester.  My campus has a college planner that helps students stay organized. It has stickers that remind you of tests, exams, and deadlines. It also has the dates for the school year so that you can put a sticker on the important dates and also dates that you won’t be in classes. It also had ads and coupons so that you can enjoy some student discounts for just being a student. I personally am not good with planners so I use paper that has a to-do list and I cross down all the things I did on that day and postpone whatever I could not go to the next day. I always prioritize what I want to do and sometimes let go of what is not important.

7 . Homework comes first. Homework is very important in college. I have missed various deadlines because I think I have more time and turns out that the date has passed when I get to it. The tip is to have a calendar and set deadlines for when it is due, two weeks to due date and if possible a month to due date. I believe that in college it is nice to rest, go out with friends and have fun but all that is after the homework has been done and studying has also been done and the grades are sure to be good. I rewarded myself when I got a perfect grade point average in my second semester of freshman year. I always reward myself when I do well and when I do not do well I try again and still give myself kudos for trying.

8 . Study Abroad. I think that traveling helps to open our eyes to reality so that we can also open our minds. If we are in college to open our minds then traveling and studying abroad can do that further for us. We can learn a new culture, learn a new language, try food different from what we are used to and learn so much from the people that surround us in the country that we go to. It is a good idea to try and go to a place of your dreams, Reality is when you start working you may not always have that opportunity or luxury to travel.Some schools also give scholarships and aid to help.

9 . Use resources. Writing Center. Tutoring Center, Counselling, and Clinic. It is important to make use of resources that our campuses give us to do well and be successful while we are in college. I believe that going to the writing center and tutoring center can really improve your grades. I am grateful to those resources on my campus for helping me until the end. They were so understanding and supported me in my college career success. Counselling can help if you have some internal issues that you are dealing with so that does not affect your overall performance in college. The clinic is free so if you have any conditions you can always go for a checkup so that you feel better and focus on academics.

10 . Read school newspaper. Keep up to date on your campus, be part of the campus spirit. I believe strongly that connecting with your campus is important because that is how you get involved, grow and learn even when you are not in class. One way to develop college spirit is by reading the newspaper and keeping up to date with the events happening on campus or that has already happened. Join college groups and going to groups with friends can help. Volunteer to also write for the newspaper if possible and if you are good at writing.


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Oluwatobi is a college student trying to make things work. She loves writing and listening to music. You can always see her with a pen trying to jot down notes. Oluwatobi loves to learn and meet new people.

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