YouTube host Laci Green arrives at SCSU

It was 7 p.m. in Richie Auditorium on the campus of SCSU, when all of a sudden a guest speaker appeared in front of the audience, introduced herself and then flashed a picture of the female sex organ right on the auditoriums huge projector. Now, before you start panicking let’s take a look at the context of what was going on.

That speaker we’re talking about, is Laci Green. She’s a Youtube host, sex educator and feminist who came to speak at SCSU about the importance of sexual health, STD’s, male and female sexuality and the importance of consent.

Green began her career in college when she started a Youtube channel to talk about women’s sexual health using her own platform from her own personal experiences (which no other woman had done before). She said she wanted to give women and men correct information about sexual health and answer any questions that might be uncomfortable for young adults.

Her performance started out with her talking about the anatomy of the female and male sex organs, explaining what each part of it does and how every single one comes in all shapes and sizes, while the audience was engaged, and partly shocked.

“I was expecting an abstinence talk, but it definitely wasn’t that, it was full on sex with lots of visuals, a girl even came out from the audience to demonstrate how to put a condom on a dildo that Laci held on herself” said Blake Tyra, an SCSU sophomore, who attended Thursday night’s event.

While her talk was very straightforward and provocative, Laci did not have a hard time engaging the audience. One of the most interesting (and often taboo topics) she discussed was female masturbation. In her speech Laci talked about growing up as a Mormon,a religion which highly condemns any kind of sexual actions or thoughts.

She noted that only 77 percent of women masturbate because a lot of them feel sexual shame afterwards and that others will judge them, while 92 percent of men masturbate without having to worry about shame as much.

When asked about her experiences in the Mormon Church and how she got to where she is now, Laci said, “I always felt alone, I had no friends in the Church. I felt it was a very sexist environment and when my parents kicked me out of the house for coming out as bi-sexual, thats when I decided to leave and start a new life.”

She also said she has gotten a number of emails from others who have also been thrown out of their homes for being honest about their sexual identity. While safe sex and sexual health were probably the biggest topics carried out through most of her presentation, Laci also discussed the topic of sexual consent, something that most college campus’ struggle to present.

“It is important that you and your partner are fully aware of what you’re doing and that you are both into it while it’s happening,” she explained to the audience. “Just because your partner doesn’t say no, doesn’t automatically mean yes.”

While the performance was humorous, serious and informational, Laci Green kept the audience going every step of the way and even stayed to talk to fans afterwards, taking selfies and answering questions from the audience (some not so appropriate to discuss in a newspaper article).

From her presentation, it is very clear that Laci Green has become a voice, inspiration and a role model to young women everywhere as she continues her tour to high schools and college campuses to talk about the importance of sexual health (both mental and physical).

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