Women’s Center hosts a discussion of the emotional toll of the presidential election

The Women’s Center held another event in their semester long series, “Expanding an Intersectional Feminist Future.” Photo credit: The Women’s Center

Written by: Allison Schwengler

With the uncertainty of the current world it is important for people to feel as if they have a safe place to discuss how they are feeling with others who may be feeling a similar way. Women on Wednesday offers a such a space for anyone who needs it.

Women on Wednesday is a group of panelists who meet on select Wednesdays to discuss current events and to give students a safe place to discuss how they are feeling with others going through a similar thing.

This week, the panelists and the audience discuss how their feelings of unrest and uncertainty about the presidential election has been affecting their day-to-day lives and shared advice for dealing with those feelings.

The panelists opened up this week’s discussion by sharing one word describing how they were feeling about the election. Among these answers were “uncertain”, “hopeful”, “anxious”, and “vigilant.”

This week panelists included professors, students, and staff at SCSU, among which was Seth Kaempfer, Director of the LGBT Resource Center. Kaempfer shared his feelings of unrest but hopefulness with the audience and also saying that he feels proud of “younger voters showing up and speaking out.”

“[The staff are] here to help you, you do not have to have everything figured out,” said Kaempfer, when the panelists were asked what they could share with students to help them through this difficult time.

Kaempfer also encouraged staff members to be transparent about their feelings and that students benefit from that transparency.

Another panelist Angie Witte, who works at Multicultural Student Services, expressed her feelings saying that we as a population “still have a lot of work to do” and to students struggling through this difficult time she wants to reinforce the fact that offices are always open, Zoom meetings are always an option for those who may not feel comfortable meeting face to face, and the staff wants to help in any way that they can.

This discussion group gives listeners the option to anonymously join the conversation. Listeners this week were able to open up the conversation about their fear of our democracy being in danger. One listener specifically commented about their feelings about people of color not being listened to.

All faculty agreed that they and their colleagues are always available and eager to help, and they encourage students to stop in and talk or schedule a Zoom meeting if they do not feel comfortable meeting face to face.

Despite the name, Women on Wednesday, is not only available for women. They open their virtual doors to and encourage anyone who would like to join to do so.

If you would like to join the next Women on Wednesday conversation you can find the schedule of the meetings and the link to the online meeting on Huskies Connect or by going to the Women’s Center page on the SCSU website.

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