Winner of The Voice, Javier Colon, performs in Ballroom

Winner of the TV show, The Voice, Javier Colon sang his heart out for St. Cloud State University on Thursday in the Atwood Ballroom at 7 p.m. After winning The Voice, Colon visited many places to perform. One of those places being St. Cloud University, thanks to the student organization, University Program Board (UPB).

Colon was met by an enthusiastic audience. Jacob Walling said, “At the end I wanted to stand up and shout ‘we love you Javier,’ but everyone had already stopped clapping.”

With a crowd of over 100 people, Colon sang and played guitar for the students of St. Cloud State University for over an hour.

Jacob Wyman said, “The only thing better than his guitar playing was his singing.”

Javier Colon performed in the Atwood Ballroom Thursday night. Photo by Grace Boisvert. The songs he played were a mixture of popular songs, including Hallelujah, Time After Time, and his own rendition of Wrecking Ball.

Alisa Washington said, “I thought it was pretty good. He has a nice voice.”

Colon was asked for an encore after his hour of playing was up, and he readily agreed, playing three more songs. One of those being the crowd’s favorite – Hallelujah.

There were many fans of Colon’s in attendance who had been following him since he first appeared on The Voice.

Jenna McCrea said, “It was really good. I have been a fan of his for a long time and watched him on the Voice, so I was really excited.”

When audience member Jared Hall was asked which song played was his favorite he did not hesitate to say, “Definitely the last one, Hallelujah. It blew me away.”

Jacob Walling said that his favorite song played was, “Time After Time, because it was the first song he sang on the voice.”

When asked what he thought about being at St. Cloud State University to perform, Javier Colon said, “I loved it, it was my first time here at St. Cloud State University. I even have a friend here who is a choir director here. It was a great day, I look forward to coming back.”

In between cracking jokes, telling stories about the his life and playing complex riffs on his guitar, Colon answered questions from the crowd. The most notable was a student asking if he was single–he’s not.

At the end of his performance, Javier Colon stayed and signed autographs, talked with students and took pictures with anyone who wanted a photo. He said to all the students at St. Cloud State University, “Thank you for the awesome energy tonight. It was great to see all those faces tonight. Stay warm.”

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