Why the Bible is true: the connection between belief and reality

On Thursday, September 13th, at 7:00 PM, there was a presentation named “Why the Bible is True” by Pastor David Horing (a pastor at the Northland Bible Baptist Church) at the Atwood Voyageur Room.

Especially for Christians, since the Bible tells the direction of living, the veracity of the Bible must be justified for them. There are three people who attended the event, including myself, to see what the presentation was about.

According to Pastor Horing, the Bible is true for the following four reasons:

First, the Bible has a meticulous process of documentation throughout history. Those sixty-six thousand manuscripts of the Bible show how biblical scholars put their effort to interpret it “properly”

Secondly, the descriptions of the scientific phenomenon in the Bible show why the Bible is true. For instance, Horing said that the connection between the blood and life in Leviticus chapter 17:11 shows those ancient people of the Bible did know the connection of blood and biological meaning of life that was proven by modern biologists in the 19th century, thanks to God.

Thirdly, there is archeological proof that supports why the Bible is true. Pastor Horing takes the example of the discovery of Jericho by Kathleen Kenyon and the description of Hittites in the Bible several times until 1900’s of actual discovery of the Hittites sites in Anatolian peninsula.

Lastly, Pastor Horing stated that the all the prophecies of the Bible was fulfilled throughout history. Especially, by referencing the description of the birth of Jesus in the book of Luke, which is in the New Testament, was connected with the prophecy of Isiah about Jesus as virgin born which was in the Old Testament.

At the end of the presentation, Pastor Horing stated that since this Bible is true, it is also telling about what our situation and the solution is; the human race are sinners and there is salvation within Christ. So, what they are saying is, the belief based on the truthful book must be applied to the real life.

What is the response of the Biblical scholars?

There are some counter-examples in the academic fields. According to John Calvin, the Founder of Protestant Christianity with Martin Luther, quoted in his book (commentaries on the first book of Moses, called Genesis), “He did not treat scientifically of the stars, as a philosopher would do; but he called them, in a popular manner, according to their appearance to the uneducated, rather than according to truth,” then goes on to say, “Thus, we may perceive that he designates things of every kind by their accustomed names.” What this means that, people must understand the Bible in a figurative meaning rather than the direct-literal meaning.

How can the Bible be related back to real life?

Even though the audience was small, Pastor Horing completed his message for us saying that the truthful message of the Bible must be expanded to daily life. For example, Pastor Horing stated in the interview after the presentation about the diversity education of SCSU, “As a Christian, we do support the diversity education of Saint Cloud State University. This is because it is expressing love of God for everyone from every nation as the Bible said.” Like what he said in the interview, he completed his message “God loves everyone, and we must love everyone as well.”

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