Why smart watches are dumb

Smart watches, from a technological standpoint, are amazing. To be able to check your email or social media messages on the go, plus the ability to count how many steps you’ve taken today, and tell time, all on a one-by-one inch screen is absolutely amazing and a milestone in information technologies. Yet, I find this innovative technology a bit of a burden and a bit redundant for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I want to make a point here by doing a brief re-collection of history to the smart watch’s big brother: the smart phone. For those who have any idea: remember the concept behind the cell phone or the “mobile” (shiver) phone? It would give the user the ability to use a telephone virtually anywhere.

Look at the “mobile” phones of today: all focused on the latest Android or iOS software, how many applications or how much internal memory is in the phone or whether or not it can support “4G LTE.” Quite a far reach from the original intent of the “mobile” phone, right? Well, I feel that with the new introduction of Information Technology (IT) to something as simple as a wristwatch: will the market of such devices take as drastic of a turn as the mobile or cell phone?

Secondly, I want to make a point about how the introduction of the smart watch seems like a step back in innovation to wristwatch wearers everywhere. For this point, I’m going to have to call upon my good friend the mobile phone, as well as looking at what wristwatch manufacturers were advertising back just a few years ago. What seems to be the smart phone’s greatest weakness: water. Good ol’ 2 parts hydrogen, 1 part oxygen. Anytime you even put part of your smart phone into a cup of water, or accidentally put it in a pool, the phone more than likely will not work anymore.

While smart phones were struggling to “keep afloat,” some wristwatches were getting praises for being “scuba diving approved,” meaning it can go up to 100 meters underwater without breaking. If I were a wristwatch consumer, and I wore my watch quite frequently, I would prefer to wear one that was more water resistant and can tell me the time right away, than one that can check my email while I’m contemplating life in my office and that won’t even show the time until you tap the screen.

Once again, I want to reiterate that as a human being who craves new technologies and knowing the languages that go behind it, I love the concept of smart watches. But from a practicality stand point, I’d rather pick a wristwatch that can tell me the time right away, and be resistant to water.

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