Who was Kanye and who is Ye?

Recently if you have been watching the news, browsing Instagram, or reading on Twitter, you’d find Kanye West putting out some kind of message, whether he was showing off something new from his clothing line or a very opinionated thought he has had. Although, as reported by “E! News”, Kanye has recently deleted all his social media accounts after many of these controversial statements. Where did this all start? When did the life of Kanye take its sudden twirl?

After the release of “The Life Of Pablo” in 2016, Kanye seemed to be on a really good trail, the album had dropped on “Tidal”, the music streaming service which at the time was owned by an old friend of Kanye’s, Jay Z. “The Life Of Pablo” was only supposed to be a “Tidal” exclusive but because “Tidal” was known for having it’s music constantly pirated, in April it was released on other platforms but many tracks were altered and changed.

There were a few other projects that had come up by Kanye that were not put in to fruition. For instance, after “The Life Of Pablo” was released, Kanye had planned to release an album labeled “Turbo Grafx 16”, under the same name of the video game console which went nowhere from its announcement. In June though, Kanye had released the single “Champions”, collaborating with a number of artists which would’ve been on the album “Cruel Winter”, the sequel to another Kanye collaboration album, “Cruel Summer”. “Cruel Winter” has not been talked about since the single. Later in June, the music video to Kanye’s song “Famous” had made its debut. It was seen under controversy as it had many celebrities all sleeping in a bed together nude. Bill Cosby, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Ray J, Amber Rose and even Taylor Swift and Donald Trump were some of many featured as wax figures in the video.

By August of 2016, Kanye had decided to take his album to the road, “The Life Of Pablo” tour had begun. Touring all across the country, Kanye preached his supposed “gospel album” to the people as he was suspended from the ceiling above his stage. Towards October, Kanye had postponed many of the concert dates due to the incident involving his wife Kim Kardashian being robbed in Paris. By November, the rest of the tour was canceled as many of the concerts Kanye performed in he ranted about politics, his mental health was poor, or the shows ended early. Later that month Kanye West would be admitted to the UCLA Medical Center under a psychosis coming from dehydration and sleep deprivation.

Kanye West stayed away from the public eye after this episode, including Twitter and any other platforms – actually, December 13th, 2016 to the exact date, when Kanye had a sudden meeting with Donald Trump reported by CNN. It turns out Kanye and Trump had been “friends for a long time” as quoted by Trump, calling Kanye a “good man.” This was shocking to fans as Kanye had said many times he wouldn’t vote but stated at one of his concerts “..But if I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted for Trump.” Since their meeting about the violence in Chicago, Kanye continues to support Donald Trump and wears the MAGA hat any chance he sees fit.

In May of 2017, Kanye West was reportedly creating new music in a studio in Jackson Hole Wyoming. This came to be true as almost a year later in April 2018, he tweeted that he had a new solo album coming out and a collaboration album with Kid Cudi under the name “Kids See Ghosts”. Before the release of these two albums, Kanye released a track called “Lift Yourselfwhich was mainly just gibberish with no real meaning behind it and then a track called Ye vs. the People,”  where Kanye and rapper T.I. would talk about their views of Donald Trump. A month after Kanye talked about his album, his political and social views came into question yet again. Kanye had went onto “TMZ” for an interview in which he discussed his support for Trump again but what really stirred the pot was quote on slavery, calling it a choice. ” When you hear about slavery for 400 years..400 years? That sounds more like a choice to me.” An employee at “TMZ” Van Lathan, was the only one to challenge Kanye after his statement expressing his disgust and disappointment in him for his new political views and his comments. Later Kanye tried to explain himself on Twitter for his comment but referred to the whole situation as “..Being attacked for presenting new ideas.”

June 1st 2018,  Kanye West had released eighth album Ye, the seven song album that was focused mainly on his sociopolitical views. A week later, “Kids See Ghosts” made its debut releasing the album under the same name. While both albums did considerably well throughout the summer it was in August when Kanye went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”Kanye had never been fond of late night shows in the past and even on albums expressed his dislike towards them. Kanye and Kimmel went on to discuss Kanye’s views of Trump and even his admiration for continuing to watch Pornhub while being married. Kanye though was left silenced when he was asked about his comment about how he said George W. Bush didn’t care about black people and if Donald Trump does in fact care.

Since the summer, Kanye’s fame has continued to spiral out of control. In September, Kanye dropped the music video for his song with Lil Pump titled “I love it“,  where the two of them wear overly large outfits following comedian Adele Givens. On September 29th, Kanye West went to Twitter to announce that he has changed his name to Ye. The next day, Kanye performed his song with Lil Pump dressed as popular drinks on “Saturday Night Live”. As the show began to close, Kanye went on a pro-Trump rant which was met with mostly negative feedback. He even got booed and cut off in the middle of his rant. Kanye claims he was bullied by SNL for his ending credit speech with his MAGA hat on, though this comment has not been backed with any evidence. What was significant about his SNL appearance was his promised album “Yahndi”, the sequel to “Yeezus”was going to debut and never made it to any platform and hasn’t since. Fans took to his Instagram and Twitter demanding an album that we won’t get until November on Black Friday, as confirmed by Kim Kardashian on Twitter.

Now, Kanye, after having deleted his social media accounts (again), has disappeared. Perhaps to work on finishing “Yahndi”? Or even his “Watch The Throne 2” that he also talked about on Twitter with Jay Z?

It isn’t certain what Kanye is doing anymore or what he has left in store for his fans or even the world. Kanye though has continued with his shoe line which has now moved to Chicago, as did he. It is hard to put words on Kanye’s thought process. For me, I was very passionate about Kanye and his creations. Now, like many others, I am left to question if this is an artist I can continue to follow.

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