What is “Mindful” eating?

If you have stopped by Atwood Memorial or Garvey Commons for a bite to eat, chances are you have seen the Mindful logo listed on some of the items, but do you know what it means?

The Mindful approach focuses on transparency of ingredients, delicious food, satisfying portions and clarity in message, so that making mindful choices becomes second nature. Sodexo thought the Mindful logo would be an easy tool for customers to determine which items are healthy from a glance. This took away the time that customers would need to spend reading the back of the food label; instead, they could see the label and know whether it is a healthy choice or not.

Mindful by Sodexo can be a guide to helping students eat healthier at SCSU. Garvey Commons now has Mindful options being served at almost every restaurant or café on campus.

Below is the criteria that is used to determine which menu items receive the Mindful logo.

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Mindful Nutrient Criteria Calories Total Fat Saturated Fat Trans Fat Cholesterol Sodium
Plates (contains at least 1 serving of protein, starch and fruit or veggie) <600 <15 g <10% Free <100 mg <300 mg
Entrees <500 <15 g <10% Free <100 mg <700 mg
Sides <225 <8 g <10% Free <5 mg <300 mg
Soups <225 <8 g` <10% Free <35 mg <700 mg

Quick Zone has many grab and go options such as Kind bars, Hummus with pretzels, String Cheese and tuna. If you’re looking for an entrée, Noodles and Greens, Burrito Bowl, or Freshens offers many ways to reach the fruit and vegetable recommendation for the day.

The 6th Street grill has Mindful icons on the menu board so it makes it easy to choose which items to add to your burger or chicken sandwich.

Picking the right foods isn’t the only way to make a meal mindful. A mindful meal focuses on sitting down, putting aside the books and focusing 100 percent on eating. Not only will you be less distracted and truly be able to focus on hunger cues but chances are the meal will be more enjoyable too.

Amy Goblirsch contributed this article to the University Chronicle. She is a registered and licensed dietitian with Sodexo at SCSU.

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