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We are human, We all have flaws

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Somewhere along the line, it has become frowned upon if you are not getting straight A’s in college while working 20-30 hours per week and volunteering. Which to me sounds nuts. Have I tried to do all of those things? Yes. Have I accomplished them all at once? No. Am I okay with that? Yes.

I took multiple years off from college to focus on working in the snowboard industry and freelance writing, as it was something I had always loved to do. And when I wasn’t at my day job, I just wanted to sit at home and write all the time. I came to SCSU a year and half ago, when I was in my mid-late twenties. I instantly held myself to a high standard. I was not going to accept getting anything less than an A, because of course, I felt like since I was a paid writer, all of my work would be A+ level work. Well, then I got my first B on a paper. And as much as I was bummed at first, it helped me realize that it’s okay to not get straight A’s. I’m here to learn about topics that I may not be familiar with. I’m here to write in ways that I’ve never written before. I am here to improve on so many things. If I don’t get a perfect score, it just means there is more room for improvement for myself. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t try my hardest, and it absolutely does not mean that I am stupid.

A large part of the society in today’s world almost expects people to be robots. School. Work. Study. Socialize. And repeat. There is so much pressure put on everyone to be perfect, and to succeed in a very specific definition of the word, that it causes so many people to become even more stressed, anxious and unhappy with their lives.

The dictionary defines perfection as: “The condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.”

Well guess what? We all have flaws. Flaws are what makes each and every one of us unique. Flaws are not something to be construed as negative. They are not to be looked down upon. They are not there to make us feel bad. Maybe someone is a workaholic…or a little too lazy…or too obsessed with having things clean…or eats more chocolate than the average person ever would. Who cares? Life is about being happy and finding joy in whatever attracts you. If you want to be lazy and watch Netflix for the rest of the night instead of working on that assignment that’s due the following week, go ahead and do it. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t as successful as a person because you didn’t get your homework done right away like a fellow classmate may have. Everyone is different and everyone embodies perfection in a different way. And that’s what is so magnificent about being human.

I still have to tell myself at times that we are not all the same. Everyone works at a different pace. There are definitely people who can maintain a 4.0 GPA while working countless hours and volunteering, and that’s fantastic. We have to remember one thing though: We are all human. We are not flawless. Even the planet we live on has natural flaws. Look under a microscope at the most beautiful diamonds in the world – they have flaws. Which some, will look at as imperfections. Don’t do that. Look at them as beauty.


Jessie is the Editor-in-Chief at University Chronicle. She is a senior at St. Cloud State University and is working toward a B.S. in Print Journalism, a B.A. in Geography and a minor in British Studies. Jessie’s social media channels are a mix of nerdy goodness and political banter. Follow her on twitter @jessieannwade for all that is lovely.

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