War zone art exhibit opens at the Gallery Vault

The student-run art gallery, the Gallery Vault, premiered the show “36.2167 degrees N, 38.1667 degrees E, star date 68787.4” Tuesday.

It was a collaborative show done by SCSU alumnus Daniel Eliszewski and Anna Ferguson, a graduating senior. This show was entirely new for the Gallery Vault. They managed to completely expand the space by building walls that guided the viewers through a narrative.

The idea was sparked when Ferguson was approached to do a show. They brainstormed for a while and came to the conclusion that they wanted to make a political statement, without coming off too political.

They agreed on the idea of showing the impact of war on innocent civilians.

Eliszewski stated, “Wars that are happening elsewhere, you think of them happening in some other space, but the truth is, it’s happening in places just like here.”

From the outside of the gallery, all you can see are three different art pieces hanging on the wall like a typical gallery, but as you step inside and turn the corner, you step into a cozy, familiar waiting room space, with soft music playing.

But, it doesn’t take long to feel that something isn’t quite right.

As you continue, it gets darker. You see a medical supply shelf, and then patient rooms with bloody sheets. There’s no one in sight. You can hear and feel glass and drywall crushing beneath your feet as you turn another corner to see bodies in bags with tags lining the hallway.

Then you turn the last corner to see a scene of a room that looks as if it had just been hit by a bomb. Smoke fills the air, a low buzzing noise rings your ears, piles of concrete and glass crunch beneath your feet, wires hang from a ceiling that is no longer there, and there’s a hole in the wall to give the impression that a bomb had just gone off.

After making your way through the show, it seemed as though people stopped to think about the effects of war, because it felt like you were in the middle of one.

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