Virtual Music Bingo is a fun way to win prizes online

Over 50 St. Cloud State students attended virtual bingo on Jan. 28. Photo courtesy of Andrea Gerrard

On Thursday Jan. 28, the University Program Board (UPB) hosted virtual music bingo. The event started at 7:30 p.m. and ended at 9:00 p.m. Over 50 people attended and had the opportunity to win prizes that included board games related to music such as “Spontuneous,” “Game That Song,” and a “We Love Music” trivia box. During one round of regular bingo the prize was a ukulele. For the blackout round a Bluetooth record player was given out.  The bingo boards were generated online through a link sent in the Zoom chat.

Bingo spaces contained artists such as Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Tina Turner, Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Luke Bryan, and a variety of other artists. UPB Coordinator Carly Frederick played snippets of songs from artists. People participating in the event would then guess who the musician was in the chat. Then, the UPB would confirm who the artist was and individuals were able click on the musicians name if they had the artist on their card.

Once a bingo was called during a round, the UPB checked over that person’s card to see if it was a good bingo or not. If it was, everyone’s cards would be cleared and new cards would be generated for everyone for the next round. UPB Coordinator Andrea Gerrard announced the prizes that could be won during each round of bingo.

The UPB will be hosting a Valentine’s Day craft event on Feb. 11 and a movie trivia event on Feb. 17. The prizes at movie trivia will be movie themed. According to Gerrard, some of the prizes that will be given away at movie trivia include the game Clue, movies, and a Blockbuster game. During the Valentine’s Day craft event students will be able to come to Atwood Memorial Center and grab a craft bag with supplies to make their own crafts. They will then have the option to join a virtual paint party on Feb. 11 at 6:00 p.m.

The UPB currently does about one virtual bingo per month. Their first virtual bingo was in August and virtual bingo has experienced a lot of changes in the way it operates since then. Initially, the UPB ran the bingo machine in their office on Zoom.

“It didn’t work very well because what ended up happening was we would stop the machine, but the person running the machine wasn’t able to see if bingos were called,” said Gerrard. “It’s been a big transition, and now we use a website that runs all of our bingo cards.”

The organization used to do a lot more complicated bingos, such as the “Husky H,” but stopped because of the confusion over these types of bingos. The UPB is thinking of doing a movie bingo and wants to make more themed bingos in the future. The organization is also looking for new coordinators for next semester who have a passion for planning and organizing events.

“[The] Department of Campus Involvement does an incredible job of making every virtual bingo event unique and interactive,” commented Jill Kedrowski, a student who has participated in virtual bingo. “The staff at DCI/UPB are so much fun and make it enjoyable for all students.

Gerrard said that a lot of individuals participating in virtual bingo want the event to be in-person again. The UPB is hoping for a hybrid version of bingo either this month or next month. They’re also looking into the possibility of bringing movies back to campus by the end of February. The last movie showing in Atwood was in November. They’re currently looking at movies and are open to suggestions on what people would like to watch.

“Our goal is to engage as many students as we can on campus,” said Gerrard. “It’s been a big struggle with not just the governor’s orders or the campus. It’s making sure that if someone were to get COVID and they’re at our event. It’s on our conscience.”

This story was updated on Feb. 11 for grammar.

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Jessica Charpentier

Jessica is a Senior at St. Cloud State University and is a Mass Communications major with minors in Philosophy and Psychology. She works at a daycare and volunteers at the Tri-County Humane Society. She enjoys writing, movies, reading, and helping out whenever she can.


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