Campus organizations promote celebration of student Veterans

Students were filled with pride last week as the campus celebrated student veterans for Veteran’s Day. The Student Veteran’s Organization (SVO) held a table in Atwood over the week to promote support for veterans by decorating thank you cards. The cards were sent to men and women who have been in the service to show appreciation and gratitude for their commitment.

To continue their support, students, staff and faculty were welcome to join the student-run organization to listen to SVO President Brandon Asking, student veteran Rose Madison, Commander and former student Aaron Heusinkveld, and Korean War army veteran Joe Shermers speak on campus about the importance of military pride and support. The Student Veteran’s Organization then held a photo-op for students attending the program outside in the Atwood Mall with a sign reading, “Welcome Home Veterans.”

The holiday follows an exciting time for the ROTC program as it celebrates its 100th anniversary. Around the US, schools participated in fun runs and weeks of service to promote the program and everything it has done over the past 100 years.

SCSU is joined with Saint Benedict and Saint John’s as the Fighting Saints Battalion for the Army ROTC.

Enrollment Officer Joseph Peterson works at SCSU to help students apply for scholarships and get involved in the programs offered. He encourages students to get involved in ROTC, because it teaches leadership and responsibility.

“It’s a very friendly environment,” he said. “[SCSU] is a good place to earn the degree.”

SCSU welcomes veterans to the campus, having been designated Military Friendly since 2009. The Army ROTC program welcomes students of all majors to take part in the courses offered. The freshmen and sophomore courses are open to everyone who has an interest in the military.

“The classes the students will take serve you well in the army and give you a lot of experience and training in the field,” Peterson said.

The classes offered at SCSU focus on leadership, formulating plans, executing missions and making decisions. First- and second-year students will go through the basic introduction into the army, and then continue with more difficult classes into the technical side of the military.

Students who go through the program continue on to many different areas of the military that range from Infantry to Public Affairs. Peterson attributes the success of the students to the students themselves.

“We’re fortunate to have students willing to serve,” he said. “They are dedicated to the country and are always looking for a challenge.”

Peterson advises every student who has a slight interest in the military to take a course. SCSU offers many scholarships to people going into ROTC and veterans just coming out. The most rewarding part of being in the ROTC program, according to Peterson, is getting involved in the leadership positions that are available.

SCSU is a veteran-friendly campus, boasting programs like ROTC and the Student Veteran Organization that promote military interests. For students who are interested in the programs, Peterson invites students to look into the different scholarships and then choose introductory courses to get started.

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