Urban E.N.T. help to promote local St. Cloud artists

St. Cloud State University is home to many clubs and organizations, but none quite like Urban Entertainment.

Urban Entertainment is a new club founded by their current president Anthony Hoard, theatre major at SCSU. Urban Entertainment’s main focus is to promote local artists in the central Minnesota area by helping them produce an image and improvements in their music.

“A bunch of my colleague’s and I, during freshman year, wanted to start something that didn’t aim [on] anything specific but we ended up focusing on hip-hop. We originally called ourselves St. Cloud Entertainment, but as a student organization we changed our name to St. Cloud State Urban Entertainment,” said Hoard.

St. Cloud State Urban Entertainment focuses on every realm of the entertainment industry from the substance and style of the artist to the fashion that the artist represents when they strut on a runway or put on a live show. The passion and drive behind promoting stems from a long rooted culture of the hip-hop industry, however St. Cloud State Urban Entertainment’ president did make it clear that the organization is not limited to just the hip-hop genre.

“The only reason we put an emphasize on the hip-hop game and R&B is because we were told that we had to in order to not conflict with other student organizations,” said Hoard.

“Originally we were going to call the club just St. Cloud Entertainment, covering all spectrums of entertainment period, but we got cut down to music and then we got cut down to hip-hop, but if a different genre artist came to us looking for promoting, I would do anything I can before I get in trouble,” Hoard said.

“We just want to put people on the map really. We have a lot of underground artists and we want to get them well-known–not just in music but in art and fashion. We want to bring a different flavor to this campus and make it more diverse,” said events coordinator Dnayasia Collins, a mass communications major at St. Cloud State University.

Collins along with Hoard were both original founders of the organization and work closely to coordinate events. Collins, alongside the rest of the organization, has scheduled a couple different events such as a fashion show and a cypher all to happen this semester.

A cypher is a piece of music that continuously changes the collaborations of different artists.

One St. Cloud artist that has benefited from the help of St. Cloud Urban Entertainment, Dizzy, who wants to go buy the name he claims everyone knows him by. Dizzy dropped a mix tape called “The Past Life” and is working on dropping his second one called “Futuristic Era.”

“When I was a kid, I was always running around because I had ADHD and my mom would always yell ‘slow down boy, you making me dizzy,’ so my mom told me that is what my nickname was for her and so I just wanted to keep that,” Dizzy said.

Dizzy has multiple fan bases, one stemming from the community of St. Cloud, one stemming from the campus community, and his prevalent online fan base. St. Cloud Urban Entertainment has improved artists like Dizzy by counseling them in realms of the industry such as artists to collaborate with, what events they should preform at and when to strategically drop music to better reach an audience.

As much as Dizzy is an artist, he also works in the promoting aspect of the business. Much like the rest of the organization, Dizzy as well as the rest of the people he works with wants to see everyone in the industry have a chance to be successful. Every person who is apart of St. Cloud Urban Entertainment will tell the same thing, and that is that all that they want is to give everyone with talent an opportunity–a way to get on the map and let their talents be seen by the rest of our society.

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