Traveling tips for the winter

As winter break approaches, the opportunity for traveling comes with it. Whether shipping off to Europe or doing some winter camping, here are a few travel tips to ensure a positive winter travel experience.

Make a plan

Planning travel details can be a great way for travelers to stick to a schedule, especially for short trips. Travel books can be a great resource in planning your travels and serve as a great idea-starter. Providing lodging information, maps and top sites to see, books are definitely a travelers tool-of-choice. They can be a great asset for getting you out of sticky situations, especially missed train connections and unsafe areas.
Though a plan is important, especially for flights, following an itinerary can be a disappointment; you can’t always see everything you want to see. Making a list of the top three sites-to-see will be a good way to avoid disappointments.
Lets face it, plans change. The most memorable experiences are those that were unanticipated. Go off the beaten path and find those hidden gems.

Pack accordingly

The weather isn’t always favorable, especially Minnesota winters. Keep in mind that forecasts change. Do your research before a trip. Rain and snow are major things to keep in mind.
Comfortable shoes are a must – your feet will thank you later. Being uncomfortable during your travels makes for a long vacation.
Packing for comfort and practicality will ensure at least some of your closet remains after packing your bags. Attempting to mix-and-match outfits is a good way to avoid hefty checked-bag fees.

What budget?

As a college student, money can be an issue.
Doing your research prior to travel can save you the hefty unanticipated credit card bill upon your return.
Searching for hostels and hotels in advance, will give you the time to choose an affordable option before desperation sets in. Researching the local economy of your destination aids in establishing a budget; it’s thinking about things like ‘what does a meal cost?’ or ‘what are the entry fees and monetary conversion rates?’ that will help set a travel budget.
Travelling on a tight budget can be problematic, so avoiding dining out daily and taking advantage of free attractions will help to pinch those pennies.

Be optimistic

Keeping an open mind when travelling allows one to experience the unexpected. If things don’t always go the way you expected, take advantage of the opportunity. Travel is a great opportunity to experience a new culture, see something new, and maybe even learn something.
Travelling can be stressful, but try to make the most of it. You’ll soon be back to the mundaneness of your studies. So enjoying every moment, even the unexpected, can make your travels flow smoothly.
Pessimism can ruin a trip – don’t let it get the best of you.

Take advantage

A vacation is just that – a vacation. Take that time to relax and leave the worries back home. Absorbing the experience and living in the moment will ensure you get the most out of your travel experience.
Leaving your cell phone behind will give you a break from the stress back home and allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest; just don’t forget your camera. Save your texts for when you get home; social media will be there when you get back.

Choosing your companions

Having travel companions can make your travels just that more memorable, but be picky with your buddies. Those who do not share the same desire for traveling, or those who may back out last minute, can make travelling stressful.
Conflicts can cause big problems on a long vacation. Take the necessary precautions to make sure you’re all on the same page, and want the same things out of your travels.

Get out there

Breaks are a great opportunity to see something new, whether it is a different part of the state, country, or even the world. Sometimes the hardest thing is just following through with your travel ambitions. Don’t lose sight of the opportunity that lies before you.
Choose your destination, do a little research, and get out there.

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