ThirtyTwo Snowboards shows premiere in Atwood

Photo credit: Jessie Wade
Member of the audience gathered in the Atwood Theater for the ThirtyTwo premiere of “2032.” Photo by Jessie Wade.

In the future, everyone will snowboard. – ThirtyTwo Snowboards

The Youth Shelter Supply recently teamed up with Outdoor Endeavors and the new Husky Snow Club to premiere ThirtyTwo Snowboards’ first  full-length feature team video, “2032.”  Free to the public, the video showed in the Atwood Theater, drawing in a crowd of all ages.

The film came about as a way for the ThirtyTwo team to celebrate their 20-year landmark of being in the snowboard industry, traveling all over the globe, documenting their journey and sharing it with others.

They compiled their voyage by including almost all action shots, without many “partying” or “walking-down-the-street” fillers. The film features 20 snowboarders. There was a concrete mix of professionals, who have been in the game for decades, to new up-and-coming riders who have only just touched their toes into the water.

The riders include: JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Joe Sexton, Chris Bradshaw, Frank April, Dylan Thompson, Brandon Hobush, Spencer Schubert, Toni Kernel, Benny Urban, Dylan Alito, Johnny O Connor, Jordan Small, Kas Lemons, Dylan Ganache and more.

As everyone started piling into the Atwood Theater, you could see many people knew one another, greeting each other with hugs, smiles and high-fives. A couple of the featured riders from the film made appearances to connect with fans, such as Minnesota native Joe Sexton, and Massachusetts born Chris Grenier. From backcountry, mountainous snowboarding, to urban, street style riding, once the lights dimmed you could hear the cheering from the crowd after almost every single trick that was shown on screen.

It had been a few years since The Youth Shelter Supply (YSS) worked with SCSU on a video premiere, as Co-Founder of YSS Mike Pettit, said, “The last video we did on campus was Rome’s ‘The Shred Remains,’ in 2011, I believe. That was an outdoor premier on the southeast side of Garvey on that grass hill.”

“It was awesome to be able to premier 2032 on campus,” Pettit continued. “The Husky Snow Club and Outdoor Endeavors helped us find a theater and recruit all of the students to come out for the premiere. The Atwood Theater was the prefect venue for the video. It’s definitely one of the nicer theaters we have available here in town.”

When asked if YSS plans on teaming up with Outdoor Endeavors and the Husky Snow Club again this year, Pettit answered quickly, saying, “Yes, definitely. SCSU OE [Outdoor Endeavors] always had our back since we moved over to campus a few years ago. We try to team up with them for as many skate, snow, social events as possible. They are a great group to work with.”

Pettit went on to explain how they are planning on working with the Husky Snow Club this winter, saying, “We are helping them with getting the group organized, and also to be able to take a possible trip or two this winter. It has been a few years since SCSU had an official ski or snowboard club, so right now we are trying to spread the word as much as possible about letting students know about the organization and about the possibilities of the organization once it gets more members.”

Pettit added, “Whether you’ve skied all your life or you want to try snowboarding for the first time this winter, the club is a chance for students to link up with their peers and get out on the snow more.”

President of the Husky Snow Club, Kale Daniel, said, “[The premiere] was a lot of fun. I know that I definitely enjoy working with both Mikes at The Youth Shelter Supply and Outdoor Endeavors, and Campus Rec are a fun group of people to work with. All around it was just a good time.”

When asked about the outlook for this winter with the new Husky Snow Club, Daniel said, “We’re looking at partnering up with different local entities – Powder Ridge, The Youth Shelter Supply, and Fitzharris for the ski portion of the club.”

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