Theater department tells tale of Tartuffe

Photo by Grace Boisvert
Photo by Grace Boisvert

Director Vladimir Rovinsky and the St. Cloud State University drama department put on the play Tartuffe, by Molière, which focuses on a family in 21st century France.  Tartuffe was featured at the Performing Arts Center from Dec. 1 through 6.

“It is essentially about this very very upper class family and very very interesting family. And the father makes really horrible choices and everyone tells him not to make horrible choices but he does anyway,” said Tim Thole Jr. (who played Orgon) when asked what the play was about. “So really it’s like Orgon made a bad decision and everyone else said don’t do that, but Orgon does it anyway.”

The use of props and scenery was minimal, but used to great effect. There was no large scene changes, and all the props, for the most part stayed in the same place. Despite this, they were used very efficiently.

Biochemistry major Celia Mix from St. Cloud State University said, “They did a great job mixing music and song to indicate transition periods. The costumes were quite elaborate.”

The costumes were made by the cast and crew. Hunter Goldsmith, the actor who played the lead character Tartuffe said, “My least favorite part is the immense and intense amount of work. I’m in the costume class right now and we have to make all the costumes for the show. And it was very costume-heavy. All the costumes onstage have been handcrafted.”

Barb Haakonson, a member of the audience, was asked what she thought of the costumes.

“Their costumes were absolutely beautiful,” said Haakonson.

Adam Metzger, a mechanical design technology major from St. Cloud Tech said, “I thought that the costumes were very very authentic. Props to them.”

“I thought it was really funny. The actors managed to mix humor with a hefty topic,” said Mix.

The members of the cast were from first year performers, like Thole Jr., to fourth year actors like Abigail Oelke who played the maid Dorine. Thole Jr. was asked what he thought of performing at SCSU.

“For my first college play this has been a really great experience. I love the entire theater production team that we have at this school. I love it to death. I am really overjoyed that I get to be a part of this for a few more years,” said Thole Jr.

Jasmine Tubbs, a pharmacy major and freshman at SCSU said that her favorite part of the play was “probably Tartuffe and the screaming when they are interacting. It was all funny.”


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