Tama Theis re-elected as district 14A state representative

Representative Tama Theis was reelected for district 14A  Photo credit: leg.mn.gov

Minnesota state representative Tama Theis has won re-election for district 14A. Theis beat her democratic opponent with 54.1% of the votes to Tami Calhoun’s 45.9%. This will be Theis’ 5th term representing district 14A.

During Theis’ previous four terms she was a part of the housing, commerce, environmental, higher education, health and human resources, and government operations committees. For this term, Theis said she wants to make sure Minnesota residents are being taken care of by getting back on the Health and Human Services Reform Committee since she wasn’t able to during her last term and because of the current pandemic.

Besides wanting to do more about safety, she wants to work on housing costs and development. Housing has been an issue for a while as houses in Minnesota have some of the highest rates in the tristate area.

Theis talked a few times on her Facebook page about how people have been moving to towns that sit on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin in order to save money on building or buying a house. Theis stated that she wants to make housing a thing that people can afford so they can stay in the wonderful state of Minnesota. 

“When I was doing research on what candidates there were and what they wanted to do if they made it to office, I found Tama Theis,” Lala Vince, a new voter, said.

With four terms of experience and the trust she has built in the community, Theis gained the support of new voters who have been looking into what candidates are supporting and what they plan on doing within the community they represent.

 “Theis stood for a lot of things that I find important so that’s why I support her,” said Vince.

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