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Kingsman: The Golden Circle dazzles

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Nothing is too weird for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The film constantly one-ups itself in how over-the-top it can go in trying to recreate the success of its predecessor, Kingsman: The Secret Service. Without going into detail, there are several scenes involving robotic dogs and pop singer Sir Elton John. How much more crazy can it get than that? Director Matthew Vaughn returns to deliver another hard-hitter in the spy genre. Taron Egerton reprises his role as Gary Unwin, better known as Eggsy, and delivers another solid performance in developing a main character that grabs the audience. From fighting opponents with robotic arms to trying to impress the King and Queen of Sweden, there’s nothing Egerton doesn’t excel at in capturing the essence of the suave spy protagonist. Colin Firth and Mark Strong also return as Harry “Galahad” Hart and “Merlin,” and also add captivation to their roles. Much of the…

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Batman v Superman | Done with Justice

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Hollywood has been running out of original ideas for films for some time now. Sequels upon sequels have hit the market with only a good handful of original films seeing life on the silver screen. This is perfectly encapsulated by one specific genre of films, and I feel it’s a safe bet that this genre in particular is going to crash in the near future. Cape films, a.k.a. Superhero movies, are becoming a saturated genre of films with 24 of them having been released since 2010. Hollyweird doesn’t seem like they intend to stop. Of course, if these films still manage to print money, why should they? The reason I bring up the saturation is to illustrate the problem I have had with cape films as of late, especially for the ones in DC’s corner. Saturation of popular genres inevitably brings with them a flood of movies that never change…

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