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Huskies win home-opener, improve to 2-0 on the season

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After a sluggish start, the St. Cloud State University men’s hockey team rallied back, scoring five consecutive goals to beat Alaska-Fairbanks 6-3. In a game where many fans predicted a blowout win, SCSU found themselves down 3-0 late in the first period. The Huskies were able to bend without breaking, closing the gap on the Alaska-Fairbanks lead before taking the lead in the third period. Alaska-Fairbanks took an early lead, scoring at the 1:08 mark of the first period after Kylar Hope buried a rebound into the back of the net following a shot from teammate Colton Leiter. Minutes later, the Nanooks would expand on that lead, after Ryker Leer carried the puck into the Huskies zone and fired a shot from the top of the right-side circle, beating Smith high, blocker side. Down 2-0, the Huskies started to apply some pressure, creating some quality scoring chances on the power…

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NCHC TV re-introduced as streaming service for most games

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Following the streaming path being blazed by sports media outlets across the country, the NCHC has re-introduced and revamped the smartphone application, NCHC TV. The program also has the capability to stream all NCHC games live to computers, Roku’s, and Apple TVs. There are multiple different price points offered to acquire the service. For all access to all NCHC games over the course of the year, the price is $109.95, plus tax. There are also an array of other options available, including a $26.95 monthly pass as well as cheaper team-specific packages. These packages also include all locked content on the NCHC website. Available in the App Store and the Google Play Store, NCHC TV will upload post-game press conferences, pre-game interviews, in addition to other behind the scenes content. This will all be watchable on demand, on the website or on the app. The app is also an effective…

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SCSU eSports hosts Spring League of Legends Tournament

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On April 15, gamers took to Atwood to compete in St. Cloud State eSports’ Spring League of Legends Tournament. The event was officially sanctioned by the LoL developer, Riot, who also supplied Riot Points as prizes. With 10 teams of five players each competing, including both SCSU students and community members, the event lasted nearly all day. It was also streamed live on Twitch and in Atwood, where about 100 people tuned in to watch the matches. The “MNSU Chimps” placed first with a roster of feelsbatman, ILoveVarus, Ransackmoose, Gegabyte, and Under 50 Percent (who became the tournament MVP). They received 2017 championship jerseys, mousepads, Red Bull, Riot Points and a plaque for their victory. In second was “St. Cloud 9” and in third place, “JFK was outside of heal range” who also received prizes for their efforts. Both the second and third place finishers were teams made up of…

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eSports expand across campus

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Across the country, sports have embedded themselves as a primary part of college campuses, with students participating both as players and fans. In recent years, eSports, or competitive video gaming has risen in popularity. To date, 12 college varsity eSports teams are officially operated by universities, with some players receiving athletic scholarships. Teams primarily compete on popular PC games such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends (LoL). Countless more teams are operated as student clubs. St. Cloud State also has a student-run eSports organization lead by its President, Justin Schmidt, after being founded almost five years ago by Kevin Angell. Schmidt is a double major in Biomedical Science and Communications Studies with a plan to become a chiropractor. Much of the clubs success Schmidt attributes to the help of his fellow members and officers. Initially, the club centered exclusively around LoL, but quickly expanded into other games as well.…

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Body found in Mississippi River believed to be Jesse Dady

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Stearns County divers found a body in the Mississippi River just after 6 p.m. on Friday evening, officials stated. The body is believed to be of 21-year-old missing St. Cloud State University student, Jesse Dady. Officials said the confirmation will come forth after the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office completes the autopsy. Dady was last seen at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 25 leaving the downtown St. Cloud area. On March 29, St. Cloud Police Investigators obtained surveillance video which showed Dady walking east onto the railroad bridge over the Mississippi River, which is not meant for pedestrians to walk over as it is dangerous and has no rails on either side. One-third of the way over the bridge, the footage shows Dady no longer being seen. Due to the darkness and graininess of the video, it was not certain what happened to Dady, according to St. Cloud Police Chief,…

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Donuts & Dialogue: Q&A with President Vaidya

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On Wednesday, February 22, St. Cloud State held an event called, Donuts & Dialogue in Atwood Memorial Center. The event was open to the student body and interim President Ashish Vaidya held an open Q&A where students could ask any questions they had or raise any issue about SCSU while being treated to some delicious donuts. President Vaidya started off by asking the crowd a question. “Why did you all choose St. Cloud? How is it meeting expectations?” The answers ranged anywhere from affordable prices, being close to home, having the program the student desired, among other things. One student mentioned they were unhappy with the lack of communication in the honors program. President Vaidya was not happy to hear this. “We want everything here to be easy,” he remarked. “Except for the classes,” he said to a room full of laughter. The students then kicked it off by asking some questions. One student…

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New Gallery Concert Series visits SCSU

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I was mildly curious about the concept for this New Gallery Concert Series. From what I read originally, this performance was going to be a mix of visual and musical artists. In my free time I have a hobby of making playlists that coincide with visualizers for the purpose of making a guided means of day dreaming; so a performance with this description piqued my curiosity. Having seen the show, I feel that I can say with absolute certainty that the performance was good, but felt like mishmash more often than I would have liked. Founded after the turn of the new millennium, the New Gallery Concert Series is a musical outfit dedicated to the purpose of performing compositions and featuring visual artists that are among the living. An interesting purpose, especially in the realms of musical and visual art; where the greats are still lauded many centuries after they…

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Is the convenience worth the price?

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Meal plans on campus, are very convenient. You do not have to go far to enjoy dinner at Garvey Commons or a Chick-Fil-A sandwich, everything is in a comfortable walking distance. Yet just like almost everything in life, none of these conveniences are free. The question we are looking to be answered is that, is the convenience worth the price? SCSU senior Cleophas Quevi believes they were affordable as a first year. “As a freshman when I lived on campus it was worth it,” Quevi said. “I had the unlimited plan so I really took advantage of it.” Yet like most students at SCSU, the older you become the less you seem to eat on campus and the more you eat off campus. “Yes I believe meal plans are affordable to an extent.” Stated SCSU senior Zach Anderson. “I eat on campus basically because Chick-Fil-A is my favorite.” However, not all students believe…

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Jazzy sports band meets for ‘Sounds of the Stadium’

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The St.Cloud State Jazz Ensemble, consisting of thirteen musicians that night, inaugurated the event with a sophisticated version of Minor Chant by Stanley Turrentine arr. Terry White. The sounds of the instruments filled the whole room and made their way through our ears to our soul. I laid back in my seat and I felt how my body started to relax and I was enjoying the moment of music and nothing else. The Ensemble created a lounge atmosphere right away, and I would have loved to order a drink at a bar. Reality off, music dream world on. Despite having some musicians missing the night because of having been intervened by last minute issues, the remaining and new students had made a quick adjustment and you couldn’t tell any lack of synchronization. Some of the students even played several different instruments which made them move after each song. The director…

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