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Faculty member accosts student journalist

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A UTVS reporter was accosted by a faculty member for recording a conversation during a gathering of students in Atwood this past month. Students, upset over a display put up by the St. Cloud State University’s (SCSU) College Republicans gathered in front of the display case while members of the SCSU College Republicans defended the display. While students were discussing this issue, Professor Tracy Ore, who teaches Sociology at SCSU, confronted UTVS News Director and University Chronicle Managing Editor, Kyle Fahrmann, who was acting as a UTVS cameraman, about recording during the ordeal and demanded he not only stop recording but also delete any footage he had taken. Fahrmann said he saw Ore “lecturing” a student and that he wanted to get an “action shot” of the conversation. Fahrmann said Ore appeared to be talking to the student sternly “borderline yelling, you could clearly tell she was very upset.” The…

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St. Cloud White Student Union: Who they are and what they want you to know, Part 1

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A group calling themselves the St. Cloud White Student Union recently posted flyers on campus that had statements on it including, “Whites Unite” and “You will not shame us. You will not silence us. You will not replace us.” After processing the initial introduction of the group to the SCSU campus, we, at the University Chronicle, decided we needed to know more about this group. Namely, who are they, what are they about, and what are their plans. I contacted the group’s Facebook page to speak with a representative of the group. I was told by someone who messaged me back that they, “prefer [that] conversation and questions are directed via social media or email.” I later found out they feared being identified. I left my contact information and within days someone called “Sam,” using a secured Proton Mail email address, contacted me. What followed were surprising revelations that were…

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Opinion: Sadly, Freedom of Speech Loses Again

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The following opinion piece was submitted by Kathy Uradnik, Professor of Political Science at St. Cloud State University.  There were no winners in last week’s controversy over the display of political messages by the SCSU College Republicans, but there were plenty of losers.  They included our student body, which once again witnessed what has become all too common on college campuses:  that the constitutional rights of some can be canceled by the objections of others. Whatever one thought about the College Republicans’ display in the Atwood Student Center, there is no dispute as to its constitutionality:  it was protected free speech.  America has a deep and abiding commitment to freedom of speech; it is a core right.  The first amendment protects many forms of speech, but reserves its highest protection for political speech.  If a nation is to be based on diversity and the diverse viewpoints that come with it, speech…

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Jessica Kraus named Student Government VP

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After the resignation of former Vice President Kayla Shelley, SCSU Student Government held an election for the office this past Thursday. Usually, the position would be filled by the President Pro Tempore – however, the current seatholder declined, so they had to use an alternative method. To fill a position held by Shelley for nine months, each chair nominated someone in Student Government for the position. The three who accepted the nomination include. “I had a few senators and chairs approach me, and I was definitely interested in the position,” said eventual winner Jessica Kraus. Although these candidates were not allowed to campaign within the office, they were allowed to talk to other students on campus. On election day, each candidate got approximately three minutes in front of the Senate to make their case for the position. Afterwards, the candidates were sent to the hallway so Student Government could discuss…

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Hockey Day Minnesota brings high turnout

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On Saturday, Jan. 20 the festivities for the eleventh annual Hockey Day Minnesota were held in St. Cloud to much fanfare as students and community members alike banned together for a common bond. Crowds occupied the stands most of the day and while it was “Hockey Day,” they all chanted ‘Skol’ in support of the Vikings game in Philadelphia happening the following day. For the nightcap, the slotted game was the Centennial Cougars facing-off against the Moorhead Spuds, as seats were packed to the brim. However, most people ended up looking at the jumbotron as there were not many seats available. A lack of seating resulted in people sitting in areas where views were obstructed; showing just how dedicated the fans really were. Outside the rink was a tiny fair-like village packed with food trucks and vendors where game-goers could buy food and beverages. Toward the end of the night,…

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The Grey Area of Sexual Abuse

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Everyone in society needs to be aware of the struggles that certain communities go through on a daily basis. Understanding these struggles help to limit certain problems that groups deal with every day. Helping to create a bigger resistance to these issues, and a possible end. Sexual abuse is a struggle that no one should ever have to deal with. While we understand the solid definition of sexual abuse we sometimes forget to look at and understand the grey area surrounding sexual abuse, especially when it comes to women.  “I do believe there is a grey area,” Brad Buchman, a senior at St. Cloud State University said.  “I believe that not many people know what all falls into the category of harassment or abuse. There needs to be a greater overall understanding.”  We see this grey area in almost every facet of our communities, yet nowhere else more prevalent than…

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Huskies come from behind again, remain undefeated

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A three-goal third period gave the Huskies their fifth straight come-from-behind victory of the season, defeating Duluth in their first inter-conference matchup of the season. In a game filled with power plays, four-on-four action, and over 65 shots, No. 2 St. Cloud State (6-0-0, 1-0-0 NCHC) defeated No. 8 Duluth (4-3-2, 0-1-0 NCHC) 5-3 to remain undefeated. After giving up the lead twice in the second period, St. Cloud State put their foot on the gas pedal and didn’t let up in the third. Midway through the final period, forward Ethan Brodzinski tallied his first goal of the season, ultimately ending up to be the game-winner. The Huskies produced 10 shots on goal in the first period, including a breakaway opportunity by Ryan Poehling, but were unable to get the puck past Bulldogs goaltender Hunter Shepard. Shepard finished with 29 saves on the night. After a scoreless first period, a…

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School of Public Affairs prepares for strategic plan refresh

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In the past year. St. Cloud State University has gone under what they call Strategic Plan Refresh, a way to revitalize academic curriculums to make the University adaptable to changing times. While SCSU is working on revitalizing itself as a whole, the School of Public Affairs is one of the first departments within the University to start making changes to its curriculum, as they said they want to ensure students who are in SOPA get the best education the possibly can, aligning their mission as a school with SCSU as a whole. On Wednesday, graduate students, professors, student government officials and former alumni all met at the SCSU Welcome Center to discuss the strategic plan and the schools future at SCSU. Rick Osborne, College Senator for the School of Public Affairs said he thinks it’s a good idea to revitalize how they’re doing things right now and strive for improvements. “It’s really…

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Huskies win home-opener, improve to 2-0 on the season

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After a sluggish start, the St. Cloud State University men’s hockey team rallied back, scoring five consecutive goals to beat Alaska-Fairbanks 6-3. In a game where many fans predicted a blowout win, SCSU found themselves down 3-0 late in the first period. The Huskies were able to bend without breaking, closing the gap on the Alaska-Fairbanks lead before taking the lead in the third period. Alaska-Fairbanks took an early lead, scoring at the 1:08 mark of the first period after Kylar Hope buried a rebound into the back of the net following a shot from teammate Colton Leiter. Minutes later, the Nanooks would expand on that lead, after Ryker Leer carried the puck into the Huskies zone and fired a shot from the top of the right-side circle, beating Smith high, blocker side. Down 2-0, the Huskies started to apply some pressure, creating some quality scoring chances on the power…

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