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Review in: Just Disappointment League

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Justice League was a critical point film. After the release of Wonder Woman, Warner Brothers’ DC films found the perfect turning point to relieve themselves of some of their prior filmography gaffs. The lukewarm Man of Steel, followed by the universally panned Batman V Superman, and the identity-confused Suicide Squad all combined to give DC superhero movies the earned reputation of being inferior Marvel film clones. With the release of Wonder Woman, I honestly felt they finally began how to understand the tired formula they were ripping off. It was decently paced, I liked the character development, and the only real improvements I could offer were to lose the abused slow-mo, ditch the awful CG effects, and to improve the story and dialog writing to not require so much damned exposition. I think you can figure out the reason for including a mini-review in this review if you weren’t already…

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Justice League vs. Teen Titans: Here we go again

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I miss the days of Bruce Timm and the DC Animated Universe. The atmosphere of the shows under his producer credits often felt so good that there were few moments where I noticed something that brought me back to reality. Most of these moments belonged to “The Zeta Project,” but even then I liked the show regardless. The most apparent thing to me when I watch these old shows is they stand on their own, writing is seldom clichéd; the times they are cliché bring about the possibility that they did them first. The mention of clichés brings us to our next subject on the autopsy table, “Justice League vs. Teen Titans”; I figured it was going to end up here anyway. I remember when I first heard of the film, I had formed an opinion of the film based on the title alone. It’s admittedly childish to do so,…

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