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India Night Gallery

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All images by Chelsea Bauman.

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St. Cloud community come together in Unity

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Over 200 people gathered in Atwood Mall at SCSU on Tuesday evening for the #StCloudUNITED event, just three short days after the attacks at Crossroads Center by previous SCSU student, Dahir Adan. The idea for the event came after the Somali Student Association contacted Student Government on Monday morning, wanting to collaborate on a peaceful celebration in light of the recent occurrences. “We didn’t know what kind of event we wanted,” Randy Olson, Vice President of Student Government said. “But this is just about unity. It’s about building a bridge where I think people didn’t think there was one.” Olsen said numerous organizations were happy to support the event, as well as community leaders. Among the leaders was SCSU Interim President, Ashish Vaidya, who spoke proudly of the student leaders who organized the rally, as well as those gathered in Atwood Mall. “We are a family, a community, and we…

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To shine in the workplace, it’s all about communication

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Most of us work with people in one way or another, whether it is a Fortune 500 company, a non-profit or a student organization on a college campus. You know that if you are a part of one of these institutions, effective communication is something that is extremely vital to enhance the organization’s work performance and your own personal goals. According to an article in Business News Daily, communication, dependability and commitment are just a few of the skills that any employer of any company wants you to have. Communication skills help you when it comes to completing challenging tasks with your co-workers, building long-lasting work relationships with your bosses  (which could lead you to a potential promotion in your field of work) and of course learning how to self-regulate. I work in both the print and broadcast newsrooms on my college campus. You would think since most of us are…

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SCSU receives $150,000 Bush Foundation Grant

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St Cloud State University and the St. Cloud school District will be receiving a teaching grant during the spring semester. The grant is $150,000 from the Bush Foundation Supporting Diversity in Teaching. The grant is to develop a solution within the community for attracting more diversity for those entering the teaching field. Additional funding will by used by the St. Cloud State’s Teacher Preparation Initiative to evaluate teacher education. SCSU and the St. Cloud school district will be partnering to create more roles in education for teachers of color within the St. Cloud community. St. Cloud State was one of 14 institutions to receive the grant. The grant will be funding a program to train future teachers allowing them to work while taking classes at SCSU through online, evening and weekend courses. The teacher candidates can earn an income and gain experience while being diverse staffers within the district. Potentially,…

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Cafes bring people of different cultures together at SCSU

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Many SCSU students are aware of the big cultural events that go on in the Atwood Ballroom occasionally, of which groups of international students get together and share about their culture. This typically includes performances in native dress, food, and music. But what happens for the smaller populations of international students who want to share their culture? Sponsored by the Student Government Association, the International Student Association (ISA) puts together an event called a Cultural Café. It is a free event that is open to all members of the St. Cloud community. This opportunity is very similar to the ballroom culture nights, but on a smaller scale. It allows for students to come and share a brief presentation on their country and culture, as well as offering some food from their country to those in attendance. Disappointed that you missed this week? Not to worry, Cultural Café takes place every…

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