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India Night Gallery

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All images by Chelsea Bauman.

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Japan Night 2016 takes new angle, finds success

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Cheers and roaring applause could be heard in the Atwood Ballroom as the 2016 Japan Night wrapped up Saturday evening. “Our goal this year was to make a breakthrough,” said JP Network President SJ Drong. He said the organization’s hope for this year’s event was to bring the cultural experience as close as possible to what you would find in Japan. “That’s our motivation,” he said. “We want to bring that experience here to St. Cloud State University for the students and community to enjoy and to actually educate them about Japanese culture.” Drong said the turnout was bigger than expected. A line wrapped around upstairs in Atwood as people waited to enter. Around 5:30 p.m., the doors opened. When people finally made it through, students with the JP Network bowed as they walked in. The ballroom was decorated with lamps that were strung up, all connecting back to a…

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A semester abroad part ll: All over the U.K.

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Since you last heard from this intrepid adventurer, I have been to Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and back again. How is it that I have accomplished all this during classes? What splendid stories are there to be told? Well, sit back and read on to hear. Within the Alnwick trip, there are a total of three sub-trips included: a week long break where students are allowed to travel where they please; a London trip with the entire class; and one last week-long solo excursion near the end of the semester. (I alluded to this final trip in the last article) I chose one of the available tours of Ireland called a Paddywagon tour. I found myself on a bus with around 40 Australian, South African, and New Zealand students on their gap year between High School and University. We soon became fast friends. On one of the outings we went…

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Nepal Night: A night of celebration and remembrance

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Almost a year after the devastating earthquakes that nearly flattened a world capital, SCSU students and members of the St. Cloud community gathered in Ritsche Auditorium to celebrate a culture that has undergone the struggle of rebuilding. In April 2015, over 8 million people were rocked when a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the capital, Kathmandu. An estimated 2.8 million Nepalese were displaced, and over 130,000 houses were destroyed in the chaos. The earthquake was felt around the globe, including SCSU. The school has a large number of international students from Nepal who had friends and family affected by the natural disaster. Taking up arms, the Nepal Student Association has spent the past year collaborating with the Red Cross to raise money for families whose homes were destroyed in the quake. The night was not only a celebration of culture, but a commemoration to those who have dedicated their time to helping…

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