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The better of being a proud Indian: Aikytha Night 2017

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On Nov. 18, 2017, the India Student Organization hosted Aikytha or India night and there are only three words that can describe such an event: colorful, exciting and creative. As you walk into the Atwood Ballroom you are surrounded by a feeling of friendliness and overall positive energy, and that never dimmed once throughout your time there. The evening was made up of dancing, food, fun and enthusiastic vibes, that as an audience member, it makes you feel as if you were in India that very night. This was the idea the organization had gone off of when the whole event was staged as a flight simulator. When the audience has arrived into “India,” right away we started to witness the culture of the country. Creatively, they expressed their traditions with a story of a couple, one from northern India and the other from southern India, and their desire to…

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India Night delighted all the senses

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Lately there have been threats to diversity and multiculturalism on a local and national levels. This year’s India Night proved contrary to this intolerance as students, faculty, and attendants from around Minnesota came together to celebrate Indian culture. “Aathidyam” was the name of last night’s India Night, organized by the India Heritage Club. One of the event’s emcees spoke of this event as “St. Cloud State’s way of bringing the world to you”. SCSU students and volunteers performed various classical, Bollywood, and modern dances. There was also lots of singing and the club presented several educational videos about India’s history and achievements. There were several notable people at the event. Mayor Dave Kleis gave a few words welcoming everyone. Indian Association of Minnesota President Babu Chimata also gave welcoming remarks. Vice President for Student Life and Development Wanda Overland spoke at the beginning of the night. She said the India…

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Pakistan Night draws in unexpected crowd

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About 400 people attended Pakistan Night in the Atwood Ballroom Saturday evening. The agenda included a line up of dozens of performers from four different student organizations. A steady applause and cheers rang through the room as the numerous cultural performances drew attention to the stage. In between performances, moderators Warda Saif and Ismail Waseem took the audience through Pakistan culture, history and the diversity that Pakistan offers the world. Performers practiced behind a standing curtain while the stage was being readied for them. Some women wore hijabs, while the men were formally dressed in salwar kameez. Dancing, swaying and moving to the music, cheers sounded from the audience and supporters standing on the side of the room. Moving closer to 8 p.m., Moderator Areej Zahra began walking the audience through what a wedding could look like in the Pakistan culture. Going through a brief presentation and video, a dance…

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Dance emphasized at “Incredible India”

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Dance and scientific contributions were emphasized at the 2014 India Night titled “Incredible India”, which was organized by the India Heritage Club and held in the Atwood ballroom Saturday night. The presentation began with the national anthems of India and the U.S. sung, and the lighting of a ceremonial lamp. Short speeches were given by the Faculty advisor of the IHC Dr. Sneh Kalia and the IHC president Sashank Chennuru, who also served as emcee for the evening. Chennuru emphasized at the beginning of the presentation that India isn’t just the stereotypes like IT guys. The presentation showed many facets of Indian culture, mostly dances, traditional and Bollywood themed. Two young girls performed one of the traditional dances, “Mohiniattam”. “Mohiniattam” literally translates to “dance of the enchantress”. For this, dancers traditionally wear jasmine flowers on their head, a golden belt, and dancing bells worn on their legs. The dance involves…

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