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Seniors display best pieces in gallery show

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The end of the school year marks the time for tests, papers, and presentations (and lots of them). For students who spend their days in the Kiehl art building, however, this is the time to show off their very best work. In a building that is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, students are giving the opportunity to perfect their art at all times of the day. The pieces range from sculpture to pottery to paintings and everything in between. Each year the gallery director (currently Bruce Tapola) chooses a juror/guest artist to look through the students’ work and select pieces for the gallery. The faculty also donates funds to three of the top artists chosen by the juror that year. Kiehl gallery assistant, Brittany Omann, says that galleries are important for these art students. “I believe openings are important and exciting. It’s a great way…

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Skate Unity Fundraiser creates art and opportunities for area skaters

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The Skate Unity fundraiser, hosted by The Youth Shelter Supply (YSS), started on March 24 and ran through Saturday evening, April 1 at The White Horse in downtown St. Cloud. For the 11th year, the event marks an opportunity for local artists to showcase their skills while helping others in the community. YSS handed out blank skateboards for artists to design on and the finished products were put up for sale during a silent auction all week. All of the money raised from the auction this year will go towards the St. Cloud Skate Camp – a free summer camp for kids learning to skate. We caught up with some of the artists to find out more about their motives and designs. Art was something which was long a part of many of the artist’s lives, and the event gave them an opportunity to further express themselves. Madison Holler, a…

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‘Art is Free’ Opens Theater Series

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“Art is freeing but art is not free…” The theater was dead silent after this line rang out. The show was coming to a close and the performance’s message was becoming clear. Foggy, a resolute fog machine operator played by Nick Poulos, was at the end of his enlightening journey and was relaying the message he learned back to the audience. In his journey Foggy was guided by the ghosts of theater past, present and future to explore the consequences of Congress passing a bill making all art free. Art is free the next installment of the theater season explores what the art world would be like after an art is free law is passed and it is illegal for artists to get compensated for their work. The performance takes place during a tech week rehearsal and takes you through different scenarios of theater performance, moving through different repercussions of…

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War zone art exhibit opens at the Gallery Vault

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The student-run art gallery, the Gallery Vault, premiered the show “36.2167 degrees N, 38.1667 degrees E, star date 68787.4” Tuesday. It was a collaborative show done by SCSU alumnus Daniel Eliszewski and Anna Ferguson, a graduating senior. This show was entirely new for the Gallery Vault. They managed to completely expand the space by building walls that guided the viewers through a narrative. The idea was sparked when Ferguson was approached to do a show. They brainstormed for a while and came to the conclusion that they wanted to make a political statement, without coming off too political. They agreed on the idea of showing the impact of war on innocent civilians. Eliszewski stated, “Wars that are happening elsewhere, you think of them happening in some other space, but the truth is, it’s happening in places just like here.” From the outside of the gallery, all you can see are three different art pieces hanging on…

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Central Minnesota Arts Board meet to discuss grant funding

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Foley, Minn. – the Central Minnesota Arts Board (CMAB) had its first meeting of the fiscal year Thursday. The CMAB is a non-profit arts organization that was founded in 1979 as one of the 11 Regional Arts Councils designated by the Minnesota State Arts Board. The CMAB serves Benton, Sherburne, Stearns and Wright counties with the purpose providing professional development services and funding grant proposals as well as other financial services to support the arts. The mission of the CMAB, according to organizations website, is “Investing in the Arts throughout Benton, Stearns, Sherburne and Wright Counties,” and part of their vision for the upcoming years, includes the CMAB, “Helping to foster a thriving, collaborative and innovative arts community through partnerships and financial support.” According to CMAB’s website, at their meeting in June they awarded $15,764 in Artist Career Development Grants, $5,827 in Small Capital Arts Grants to four local schools, $9,735…

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Program Fees: keeping your education on the cutting edge

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 This article was contributed by Nicholas Erickson. While all tuition rates for undergraduate courses are the same, three programs on campus, including the Art, Mass Communications and Nursing programs, use a program fee to increase department funding for student benefit. “Because some of those programs have specialized costs, those funds are set aside to help pay for those educational costs,” said Mike Uran, director of the Financial Aid Department. The program fees are applied to every credit. Art carries the highest program fee of $35.94, followed by Mass Communications at $32.33 and Nursing at $27.15. The fees are only applied to upper division major coursework. So, if an Art major were to take 40 credits of Art classes, they would pay around $1440 in program fees. Program fees do not apply to those who are taking an Art, Mass Communications and Nursing courses for generals, online courses, and for classes under a different department…

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