Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch releases as part of 35th anniversary

The Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch in action. Photo credit: Matt Auvil 

This year, Nintendo announced it is their famous character’s 35th anniversary, that character being their princess saving plumber, Mario.

Even though the actual anniversary date is Sep. 13, Nintendo wanted to continue the celebration all year long with fun promotions with Amazon, Cold Stone Creamery, and even Puma shoes.

Things did not end with just promotions, Nintendo has had exclusive releases for the year including “Super Mario 3D All-Stars”, a mashup of “Super Mario 64”, “Super Mario Sunshine” and “Super Mario Galaxy” all on one cartridge for the Nintendo Switch. There was also the limited release digital game “Super Mario Bros. 35”, a battle Royale style of the first Mario game, who ever survives the longest out of 35 other players is the winner.

The latest release came Nov 13. with the Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch, a homage to the original Game & Watch system that came out in 1980. It is very similar to the original Game & Watch with its layout, two buttons and a d-pad; however, the Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch includes a built-in clock, pause and time set button, and a game selection button as well.

The system includes three different games, the original “Super Mario Bros.”, “Super Mario Bros. 2” (known as “Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels” in the west), and “Ball” now starring Mario. In the same vein of an original Game & Watch, the system only comes with these three games built in with no cartridge slot or access for outside games.

This new Game & Watch comes in a sleek gold and red color, a clear reference to the Famicom game system’s controller colors. The Nintendo Entertainment System was the western version of the Famicom.

The Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch runs on an ion battery with eight hours of battery life and a charging time, if completely depleted, will take three to five hours to recharge. The system is extremely small and lightweight at .15 pounds. The Twitter account for the Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary tweeted out this morning it is so small in fact you can put it in a shirt pocket.

If you are looking for secrets on the system, check out the Nintendo of America’s Twitter page.

The Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch retails at $49.99 at all retail locations; however, Nintendo notes this will be a limited release and will be only shipped to retailers until March 31, 2021.

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