Summertime by George is back

Soon the park by Lake George will be full of people enjoying live music. Photo credit: Sarah Bunich

Summertime in St. Cloud always means one thing to people in the community, the start of Summertime by Lake George. With last year’s season having to be canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking forward to this year’s events.

Since last season was going to be Summertime by Lake George tenth season, they were planning to have a lot of bands return that were favorites in past years.

“For this season’s lineup, we have a lot of old favorites that people enjoyed in previous years coming back,” said Troy Fritz, entertainment chair.

Bands that were going to play last summer are being invited to play this summer and the celebration for 10 years will also be occurring this summer. The lineup for this summer has not been announced yet. Based on how many bands can be a part of it will determine how many weeks the event will happen.

Even though the St. Cloud Rotary Club has announced that they are hosting the annual event once again this summer there are still some issues that they must work through to make sure they are keeping up with CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and government policies.

With Governor Tim Walz most recent COVID-19 policy changes stating that outdoor entertainment events can be at 50% capacity with no more than 250 people. After April 1, events with a capacity of 500 or more can increase 15% if they are outdoors.

Having these restrictions in place right now and the possibility of them changing makes it hard for the rotary club to plan certain aspects of the summer-long event. Fritz stated that food vendors and keeping the event at capacity are the two that are currently the hardest for the committee and city to plan, because of the area where the event takes place not having boundaries in place and current restrictions.

Right now, the committee is working with the parks department to work out a way to make sure they have a way to keep everything up to the restriction’s guidelines.

This article was updated on April 4 to correct an organization name.

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