‘Stefan’s Dream 22: Nerd Immunity’ brings home its third consecutive win

“Stefan’s Dream 22: Nerd Immunity” wins for the third year in a row. Photo courtesy of kvsc.org

KVSC held its annual trivia weekend Feb. 12-14, with the weekend concluding with an award ceremony on Sunday, Feb. 14 at 8 p.m..

The trivia weekend was put together in partnership with UTVS with the production of the live stream throughout the weekend, as well as producing the awards ceremony.

This year 58 teams participated. The team’s scores throughout the weekend are posted on KVSC’s website.

While it may deter some people by hosting this event over Valentine’s Day weekend, which has been the tradition in the past, this year’s extremely frigid temperatures made for the perfect weekend to stay inside and participate in this year’s trivia weekend.

“Squirrels With Nuts Six Feet Apart” was welcomed into the Hall of Fame this year.

“Meyer Meyer Pants on Fire” took home third place with 8,020 points. Second place went to “VOODOO PANTIES” with 8,065. The champions this year were “Stefan’s Dream 22: Nerd Immunity” with 8,165 points. This is the third consecutive year that the team has won.

The winners of the trivia contest get their name added to the traveling urn that has been celebrating the winners for years.

While the team with the most points gets the honor of their name on the urn, other teams were recognized for a variety of reasons.

One of those awards, the best team name award, went to “Twister? I hardly know her”.

Ten social media posts were recognized for their creativity over the weekend. First place in this category went to @NDHBTRIVIATEAM.

Ten social media posts were recognized for being awkward this weekend. First place in this category went to @GoAskAScientist.

Some interesting statistics from this year:

32,283 phone bank calls were made over 33 hours.

The busiest hour was 4 p.m. on Sunday.

The difference in points between the lowest and the highest score is smaller this year than in previous years.

The difference between the 3rd place team and 1st place team is smaller than a single question in the final hours.


If you missed the contest, but would still like to support KVSC and the trivia weekend, you can purchase merchandise, including the question books from this year that will be available in March.

This article was updated on Feb. 21 at 10 a.m. for grammar.

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