Stearns hall may not be so simple

This semester Stearns hall re-opened on  the SCSU campus offering students a cheaper option to on-campus living but at the cost of living in an older building. With the grand re-opening, a question arises: “Do the benefits of living here outweigh the drawbacks?”.  This answer may depend on the person you ask.   

According to The Graduate Hall Director for Stearns, Sean VanEvery, the Hall offers a great sense of community stating that the “communities formed naturally”.  He went on to say that many of the residents have game nights, play Dungeons and Dragons or even pool.  Although their are no programs to promote community aspects in Stearns he said that the residents “seek out” to find these groups of people and invite new friends to join them in the fun. 

VanEvery also went on to say that there are many students at different stages in their education at St. Cloud State, including sixty-two sophomores, thirty-one juniors, Thirty-three seniors, and forty-two other students.  The residents living here have a diverse range of majors including seven nursing students, five mass communication students, and three students going into finance.  There are also many students that live in Stearns that participate with leadership on campus including many members of NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary). 

The building did have some renovations in the past year to prepare for re-opening, but VanEvery said that one of best things about Stearns Hall is its history.  He spoke of a story about two alumni who met at Stearns while attending SCSU, and recently came back on campus to get engaged at the hall.  As far as the quality of the hall or any problems with it, VanEvery said he hasn’t received any complaints so far this year in any aspect. 

But what do the current residents say about living in Stearns hall?  Alyson Och, the President of NRHH and a resident of Sterns Hall, says that she appreciates the independence and low price of living in the hall.  She then went on to say that because of the age of the building, it has some issues with quality stating, “The quality of certain things is little beaten up.”  She also went on to say that she wished she had more space in the rooms, but overall there were no major problems to complain about, and she enjoys living there.  

Another resident of Stearns hall, who prefers not to be named, said that their only problem with living in the hall is the cleanliness of the shared spaces, especially when it comes to trash stating, “since a lot of us don’t have meal plans, the trash in the kitchen get filled up quick”.  The student also mentioned a similar problem with the bathrooms; then went on to say that these problems have nothing to do with the buildings age but are based on communication with the other residents and workers in Stearns. 

Simply, Stearns is another Resident hall on the St. Cloud State campus, providing some unique perks in a building where many past students have spent their time living.  New memories are being made as well as new friendships.  It is now up to the student’s own opinions about Stearns to decide if they want to live there or not in the future. 

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Summer Welch

Summer Welch is currently in her second year at SCSU studying Mass Communication and Video Production.  She is currently a producer for UTVS news and works with other shows within UTVS.  She enjoys coming up with ideas for possible TV shows, listening to music, and playing games with friends.

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