A star sophomore on the field

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The St. Cloud State Soccer Team currently has seven sophomores on the roster. Among those sophomores is Maria Kass, star forward from Pewaukee, Wisconsin, and a biomedical major at St. Cloud State University.

Kass, who currently leads her team in goals with 8, was introduced to the game of soccer when she was four or five years old by her parents. She said soccer was one of the sports her parent were both collegiate athletes of themselves, and wanted their kids to play. Kass also grew up watching the USA Women’s Team.

While Kass’ parents introduced her to the game, she has also been influenced by many others along the way.

“My biggest influence would probably be my coaches in my high school career. I definitely learned a lot from them,” said Kass.

Even though her numbers speak for themselves, Kass believes her teammates deserve some of the credit as well.

“They set me up because we know each other’s playing styles. We’re familiar with each other’s attitudes on the field and off the field so they know where to look for my runs … They know my skill level and their skill level.”

Kass, who tallied a total of 8 goals her freshman year, talked about the transition from freshman to sophomore year on the soccer team.

“Freshman year it’s all about kind of finding your spot on the team, where you belong, and then once you develop your role then sophomore year it’s easier to carry into that and be consistent.”

Kass believes the team is where they need to be at mentally in order to succeed.

“Now that we have gotten the hang of things and rolling with each other, I think confidence has grown so much and it continues to grow.”

When speaking about the dynamic of the team, Kass said, “I think our team dynamic is very connected and familiar with one another … which makes us want to work for each other because of those relationships.”

Kass also talked about how she and her teammates as well as other St. Cloud State athletes spend time together outside of their respective sports and that there is an effort to, “support our fellow Huskies.”

For any personal goals Kass has, she again put forth a “team first” mentality when she said, “ … Giving it our all as a team and knowing we are a team, not individual efforts, but a team effort and knowing we did it together.”

Kass has a message for everyone about the 2016 St. Cloud State Soccer Team.

“We work hard and we love to play the game, so come support us.”

Fans will next have a chance to show their Husky Pride when the team next takes on Augustana University at Husky Stadium Friday at 7 p.m.