St. Cloud Farmers Market provides fresh alternative

St. Cloud Farmers Market vendors sell their produce and products, while other are doing their weekly shopping Saturday. Photo by Ava Leintz.

Fresh produce, great crafts and good vibes are all a product of the St. Cloud Farmers Market. The farmers market consists of many different vendors that all hail from St. Cloud or the greater central Minnesota area, many carrying special traits that have been represented in their products for generations. Diversity in products express the different cultures that St. Cloud has to offer, and a local, fresh alternative to shopping at the nearest supermarket.

“The produce is great. Personally, I like the pottery,” said Kalina Studenski, of ‘Sister In Stitches,’ a family-operated knitting company that sells their products at the St. Cloud Farmers Market.

Studenski and the rest of the ‘Sister In Stitches’ team began selling their products at the St. Cloud Farmers Market last year and were successful. Studenski says that all of the products that they make can take a heavy amount of time to do, however she also says it is very relaxing.

“I’ve been making a living as a potter for five years, and when I come to markets like these I always bring my wheel, so people can watch how I make all my work,” said Joel Cherrico of ‘Cherrico Pottery.’

Cherrico Pottery has been coming to the St. Cloud Farmers Market for three years and is the only pottery vendor at the market and has many different options of what you can buy from the stand. Just like other popular companies, Cherrico Pottery has a certain authentic product that fly off the shelves.

“Coffee mugs is how I mostly make a living,” Cherrico said.

Aside from pottery, Cherrico enjoys many of the other attributes to working at a Farmers Market, like the fresh produce and craft breads and coffees.

“I always get coffee when I’m here, there are a couple local roasters that roast and sell whole bean coffee and cups of coffee, lots of great breads and between the bread, the apples and the vegetables and eggs, I mostly get my groceries here every week.”

With the vast majority of the vendors at the St. Cloud Farmers Market being from the greater central Minnesota area, the market sees many family-grown produce from family farms from across the area.

“We have a farm south of Cold Spring, we call this the ‘Garden Market,’” said Harold Walz, a produce vendor who has been coming to the market for the past four years.

“Basically we raise all of our stuff naturally; we don’t use any chemicals,” said Walz.

Walz and his wife started out growing produce for themselves and then decided to start selling their produce at the market four years ago. Walz had a wide array of different products from different peppers and tomatoes to homemade jams, salsas and pickled relish. Tomatoes, pickles and peppers Walz says are among their best products they sell.

The food, the arts and the traditions that are passed on at this event help to cultivate what can be described as an infusion of local pride. The St. Cloud Farmers Market will continue on until the end of October.

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