Counties see continued unemployment decreases

With the month of October just passing St. Cloud by, the city will look back and measure the results of their actions and leadership. As it is done with every month, the city and its citizens will soon learn how October faired in regards to many statistics of importance.

The unemployment rate is generated after considering many factors. Out of the total population, only persons of working age and ability are counted among in the data. The rate for unemployment counts adults who are actively seeking work. After all of this considered, a simple division of this sum from the population yields the rate of unemployment.

For the tri-county area that makes up St. Cloud and its neighboring cities, September’s statistics have been finalized and made available to public viewing recently. Stearns County yielded an unemployment rate of 3 percent for September, a 0.3 percent decrease from August’s 3.3 percent, according to Department of Employment and Economic Development.

Sherburne County had a slightly smaller result, with a 3.3 percent unemployment rate for September, down 0.2 percent from August’s 3.5 percent for the county. Benton County had the biggest change of the tri-counties with a 0.4 percent decrease from August to September, from 3.8 percent to 3.4 percent.

Stearns County has fallen below the state’s current rate of 3.2 percent. A consistent decline for four months now for all three counties, this may come to be a surprise to some people who were asked for their opinions about September’s Unemployment for their county.

It will be shocking, as congratulations are in order for the tri-county area of St. Cloud and it’s neighbors. Not only were the counties all close to meeting Minnesota’s September rate, or even went below it, they were all lower than the country’s unemployment rate. The United States had a rate of 4.9 percent for the month of September, so even if you’re a resident of Sherburne or Benton County, take pride in the fact your state currently has the nineth lowest unemployment rate in the country.

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