Spam email sent to group of students and staff

A spam email was sent to a group student and professors. Photo credit:

Editor’s note: Due to site maintenance, this article was republished on Oct. 7, 2020. This article was originally published on Sept. 16, 2020.

On the night of Sunday, Sept. 6, many students and professors, all in one chain received a spam email containing a file shared by the sender

Shane Geving, a student at SCSU, was one of the first people to receive the spam email that night. Being the first one to receive the email he looked more into it to see what he could safely figure out.

“I did not recognize the sender and thought the message looked suspicious,”said Geving. “I did not click the link.”

Other students started replying to the email chain with questions and comments about getting the spam email. Geving decided to send one in the chain warning others not to open the file sent in the spam.

Spam is a common occurrence for any emailing service providers. Outlook, SCSU’s email service, is no different and not immune from getting spam emails.

“While we have some very good capabilities in reducing the amount of SPAM, just like other email providers like Google or Yahoo, occasionally things make it past the filters in place, and a user will need to simply delete those unwanted emails,” sated Eric Hanson, SCSU’s Chief Information Security Officer. “Students also have the ability to report spam and phishing which notifies security staff who can then fine-tune our protections.”

St. Cloud State University’s Information Technology Security team is currently working on investigating the email. Since the University is conducting their investigation, they were not able to share any information about what has happened or what they have planned.

Students can help in protecting themselves and the rest of the campus community by marking an email as spam if they receive an email that is not meant for them or they feel like it is spam. Doing this helps the campus IT department monitor what type of spam is being sent to SCSU emails and help protect them better from getting these types of emails.

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