Social Studies Club tests students’ Constitution knowledge

A total of 84 St. Cloud State students took a U.S. Constitution quiz on Sept. 17 to celebrate Constitution Day on campus.

Created by the SCSU Social Studies Club, the quiz was distributed between 10 a.m. and noon at Atwood Memorial Center, and contained 11 questions on various aspects of the Constitution ranging from amendments to framers to assorted “fun facts.” Students were rewarded with candy and other Constitution-themed prizes for completing the quiz.

Out of the 84 quizzes, five students earned perfect scores and average score was 6.75 out of 11, roughly 61.4 percent. No questions were universally answered correctly and the question answered wrong most often pertained to the ratification date of the Constitution.

The Social Studies Club also hosted a Constitution Day celebration later that day at the Stearns County History Museum with pizza being served and door prizes being awarded. Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon served as the keynote speaker and SCSU political science professor Kathleen Uradnik also spoke at the ceremony.


Want to test your knowledge? Here’s the 2015 Constitution Quiz.

  1. What are the three words that are the start of the Constitution?
  • A: “We the People”
  • B: “The People Are”
  • C: “United States of”
  • D: “U. S. A.”
  1. Where is the original Constitution on display?
  • A: Thomas Jefferson’s Closet
  • B: Independence Hall
  • C: National Archives in Washington, D.C.
  • D: White House
  1. What year was the last constitutional amendment ratified?
  • A: 2001
  • B: 1992
  • C: 1836
  • D: 1880
  1. Which has a higher word count, the U.S. Constitution or President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address?
  • A:  Obama’s State of the Union Address
  • B: U.S. Constitution
  1. How many amendments have been made to the constitution?
  • A: 52
  • B: 89
  • C: 15
  • D: 27
  1. Which amendment was approved and then repealed?
  • A:  The 1st Amendment, Freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly and right to petition
  • B:  The 16th Amendment, Congress to Levey an income tax
  • C: The 18th Amendment, Prohibition
  • D: The 13th Amendment, Abolishment of slavery and involuntary servitude
  1. On which date was the Constitution signed at the Philadelphia Convention?
  • A: July 4, 1776
  • B: July 12, 1776
  • C: September 25, 1789
  • D: September 17, 1787
  1. Which state is misspelled in the Constitution?
  • A: Pennsylvania
  • B: Massachusetts
  • C: Virginia
  • D: Minnesota
  1. When was the Constitution ratified?
  • A: December 15, 1791
  • B: June 21, 1788
  • C: July 12, 1776
  • D: September 17, 1787
  1. Only two U.S. presidents were signers of the Constitution. Who were they?
  • A:  John Adams and John Quincy Adams
  • B: Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe
  • C: George Washington and James Madison
  • D: George Washington and Benjamin Franklin
  1. How many framers were killed in political duels?
  • A: 1 – Roger Sherman
  • B: 2 – Alexander Hamilton and Richard Spaight
  • C: 3 – Rufus King, Abraham Baldwin and Robert Yates
  • D: 3 – George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison

Constitution Day Quiz Key

  1. A
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. D
  6. C
  7. D
  8. A
  9. B
  10. C
  11. B

Disclaimer: Alex Voigt contributed this article to the University Chronicle, and he is also the vice president of the Social Studies club on campus. 

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