Six Appeal performs the hits at the Atwood ballroom

September 24 was an exciting night for music on campus at SCSU with the performance of the award winning vocal group, Six Appeal. This group is a world-class ensemble based out of Minneapolis, Minn. that formed in 2006. The members of Six Appeal include high tenor, Jordan Roll, tenor Michael Brookens, low tenor Trey Jones, baritone Nathan Kickey, bass Reuben Hushagen, and vocal percussionist Andrew Berkowitz.

With an extensive fan base throughout the Midwest, Six Appeal has not only entranced the a cappella world, but also the students attending the show Wednesday night. There were a variety of songs sung at the show. Crowd favorites included, “I Will Survive,” “Low Rider,” and “Circle of Life” from The Lion King. They even included a few original songs created by group members that can be found on their CD. As mentioned, Six Appeal is an a cappella group, meaning they produce their music without the aid of instruments or background music. Their content spans decades of music that includes everything from the classics to current pop hits.

Altogether, Six Appeal has had a successful career, earning titles such as National Champion at the National Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival in San Rafael, California, as well as a first place for Best Original Song and the Audience Crowd Favorite award.

With a splash of comedic dialogue, their performance contained witty, candid responses paired with quality music and talent. There was also a moment in the show in which the group swept an excited fan onstage to be the spotlight of a song. After the entertaining performance, the group members met with students to answer questions, take photos, and sign autographs. I had the opportunity afterwards to speak with group member Trey Jones about being in St. Cloud and how things have been touring.

“We love St. Cloud. Our agency is actually from and based out of St. Cloud so we are here pretty often. We always go to Bo Diddley’s, even though they changed locations on us,” Jones said.

They have been on the road touring since 2011, marking three and a half years this November. “We really love it. It is great being able to perform for audiences from all over. It can be crazy. We have gone from Florida to the very Eastern side of Maine, right by the ocean in two days; when just a couple days before that we were in California. We drive through the night. We have a fifteen passenger van and trailer and alternate drivers along the way,” said Jones.

Their performance in the Atwood Ballroom marks the first time they have been to SCSU, although they have performed seven or eight times in St. Cloud before. The concert was organized by UPB’s Music and Variety board, and altogether had an overwhelmingly positive reaction from students, of which approximately 200 attended.

“It was super hilarious and an amazing performance! My favorite group member was the beat boxing guy, but they all had their moments. The whole show was fantastic,” Freshman Katelyn Gill said.

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