Shoemaker receives award on the recent renovation

Terra General Contractors of Rogers has received an award in their work on the renovation of Shoemaker Hall. The 2014 Minnesota Construction Association Project of the Year (MCA), was awarded to the $17.4 million dollar renovation.
The award was due to the design, leadership, and the historical content the project brought to Shoemaker Hall East and West. The building houses about 422 students and is about 100 years old.
They began the process back in May 2012, the construction process began in May 2013 and was completed by May 2014.
Director of Residential Life Daniel Pederson gave insight on how this award is going to affect St. Cloud State in the future.“The Shoemaker renovation project is an example of how we applied that thinking,” Pederson said.  “It also is a tremendous example of how we try to create a sustainability campus by repurposing an existing building, and adding features that reduce our carbon footprint through more energy efficient systems.”
Terra General Contractors was asked by SCSU to renovate Shoemaker Hall and was not disappointed by the outcome. Being partners with SCSU, it had strong reasoning to believe everything was going to be a success.
Terra was first established in 2004, and want to be known as a professional construction services firm who wants to maintain trust to clients for a lifetime.
Pederson explained his first thought after knowing SCSU has won this award.
“We were excited to be noted as a partner with Terra General Contractors. It truly is a team approach between the designers, engineers, construction contractors, and the University as owners of the facility,” he said.
Pederson explained how SCSU challenges their construction partners to exceed to great design projects, they wanted the student living to be applied and also the learning experience.
The current population of students living on campus, and upcoming students, were also taken into accountability for when the renovation took place.
When doing construction on a university campus, there can be problems that occur. Pedersen said it was a seamless renovation process with very few delays and issues. The project was finished on time and was under budget.
According to Pedersen, the cost of living went up at Shoemaker Hall, but the students are very happy with the outcome, especially the AC ventilation, new furnishings and the public space.

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