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Seniors display best pieces in gallery show

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The end of the school year marks the time for tests, papers, and presentations (and lots of them). For students who spend their days in the Kiehl art building, however, this is the time to show off their very best work. In a building that is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, students are giving the opportunity to perfect their art at all times of the day. The pieces range from sculpture to pottery to paintings and everything in between.

Each year the gallery director (currently Bruce Tapola) chooses a juror/guest artist to look through the students’ work and select pieces for the gallery. The faculty also donates funds to three of the top artists chosen by the juror that year.

Kiehl gallery assistant, Brittany Omann, says that galleries are important for these art students. “I believe openings are important and exciting. It’s a great way for the art community to mingle and learn more about one another and also for the arts enthusiasts” said Omann.

The all-white walls pull focus into the beautiful pieces that decorate the room. As the work is all done by seniors, it is their last chance to show off to their professors and peers.

Omann says it helps prepare the students for the real world as well. “It helps them understand the submission process and also shows support. The faculty also donates funds to the top three chosen artists of that year selected by the juror,” said Omann.

The students kicked off the opening of the gallery with bacon that wafted through the entire building. Music and mingling were also had as the students celebrated their hard work. The gallery will be open through the end of the school year (located in the basement of Kiehl).

All photos by Alexis Pearson

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