SCSU town hall: Sept. 22, 2020; SCSU community is called to take responsibility as COVID cases rise

Editor’s note: This recap was originally published on Sept. 25, 2020. Due to site maintenance, this article was lost and had to be re-written. A new recap was written and published on Oct. 12, 2020. 

St. Cloud State held another town hall meeting on Sept. 22, 2020. Speakers at the town hall included Dr. Robbyn Wacker, SCSU President; Emily Hacker, Delta Phi Epsilon International Sorority President; Nicole Friis, Women’s Soccer Team Leader; Betty Asefaw, SGA Vice President and CA; and Surkhel Yousafzai, SGA President. 

COVID-19 Update

Wacker gave a brief update on the COVID-19 situation, sharing that numbers are rising in our community and around the state. She asked everyone to do their part to help mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus.

Student Perspectives

Hacker reminded everyone to sit down with their roommates and get on the same page about COVID-19.

“Be mindful, have that conversation with your roommates, and set those expectations,” said Hacker.

Friis gave a shout out to Campus Recreation on some of the activities they are putting on that are still in compliance with safety guidelines. 

Yousafzai reminded listeners to Protect the Pack

“If we take responsibility and make sure that we are following these easy steps: wearing our masks, washing our hands, having the two huskies distance apart, [and staying home when we are sick],” shared Yousafzai. 

Yousafzai also reminded everyone that anyone coming to campus must first take the self-assessment.


Sign language interpreters were not present at the town hall today. The University decided to offer closed captioning in place of that service.

Jenn Furan Super, Director of Emergency Preparedness, shared about the COVID-19 Dashboard. The University Chronicle also posts the weekly update every Friday. 

Furan Super specified that cases will only be reported on the dashboard if they were on campus, spent more than 15 minutes closer than six feet with another person, and tested positive. 

Many info desks and dean’s offices on campus have free masks available for students and staff.

There are currently no plans to change the academic calendar. This question is in response to some colleges and universities altering their calendars to end after Thanksgiving break and/or removing spring break from the schedule. 

Clare Rahm, Student Life and Development Interim Vice President, reminded students that events and organizations on campus can be found on Huskies Connect

A few people in chat asked about the recent increase in positive cases on campus. 

“We are aware of some recent positive cases tied to particular groups on campus,” shared Furan Super. “We will address, as Dr. Nielsen says all the time, on a case by case basis. … We will respond to those groups based on how they come about and how they present.” 

Not all questions asked in the chat were audibly answered during the town hall.

More information was shared during the town hall. Only new information was shared in this recap. For all information, please check out the previous town hall recaps. 

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