SCSU student creates app that benefits students and charity organizations

Perhaps you are one of the many students who face the daily challenge of juggling the events on your planner, printed schedule, and smeared ink written hurriedly on sticky notes and the palm of your hand.

It is the age-old time management problems that plague students, which is why SCSU senior Guled Ahmed decided to take matters into his own hands by creating Studious, an IOS app that helps students balance assignments, taking notes and communicating with professors.

Ahmed noted his inspirations for creating the app began his junior year of college, as his assignments began to increase in complexity. Keeping track of everything started to be a problem for each assignment and due date. He tried using The Link, which is SCSU’s planner, but even that became a hassle.

Ahmed said, “I’d either forget it in my apartment or I’d completely forget to put any assignments in the planner. After months of frustration I decided to fix this issue by creating an app to not only keep track of my assignments, but to also remind me when they were due.”

Ahmed’s problem solving was a little different than many other students. Being a computer science major, he decided to create an app that would not only help him, but help others too.

Alex Persian is a student at SCSU who purchased Ahmed’s app, and was happy with the end result.

Persian said, “It’s been a great supplement to my classes. I’m a forgetful person by nature, so the notifications for my assignments and exams have been really useful. Especially when work and life fight for time alongside my homework.”

The app itself includes features such as being able to scan and print documents, adding location to your courses, emailing professors, taking notes, adding homework assignments, exams, and schedules, and receiving notifications for when assignments are due and when exams are coming up.

Out of all of the features, Persian said his favorite part was the fact that the app separated tabs for homework and exams.

“It helps keep my work organized, and makes sure I’m not missing anything. The notifications for due dates are also a great addition.”

Beyond helping students around the world, the app serves a meaningful purpose for Ahmed.

Ahmed explained that any money he receives for developing the app goes towards funding charity organizations that help those who are disabled.

When he was young, his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior.

“It had impacted my life greatly because of the fact that I could not communicate with her due to her memory loss,” Ahmed said. “Ever since I was a child I always wanted to help my grandmother in some way, but now with the funds that Studious had produced, and with the help of future funds, I plan on giving a large amount of my proceeds to charity organizations that research to find a cure for not only Alzheimer’s disease, but also other illnesses.”

The sentiment was shared with Ahmed’s family members, who helped him design parts of the app.

“After the initial release of Studious I shared my app with my siblings (Mustaf and Khalid) and they noticed a lot of elements within the app, in terms of design, that could be changed,” said Ahmed. “Thanks to Mustaf and Khalid, the app looks much more polished today.”

The app is currently available in the Apple App Store and soon will be accessible through platforms including the Apple Watch, Android, and iPad.

After the first week of the app‘s release, it had reached the top charts section of the Apple App Store, even staying there for several weeks.

“I was really excited, so much so that for weeks I’d consistently be checking the top charts multiple times per hour.”

Being a senior, Ahmed has goals of continuing to employ creativity to help others. He said that he would like to become a software engineer for companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft.

“I would like to be involved in the making of breakthrough products that enhance the lives of others. Meanwhile, I’ll be creating more apps. In fact, I have a couple of new innovative apps that I’m planning on working on when I have the time.”

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