SCSU organizations sponsor Red Cross blood drive

Blood Drive in Atwood Memorial Center Ballroom on February 17.
Motoki Nakatani / Assistant Visuals Editor

Volunteers and nurses set up in the Atwood Ballroom and began accepting donations for a Red Cross blood drive Monday and Tuesday.

Sponsoring organizations for the blood drive included the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, Health Services and SHHS. Many appointments were made prior to the event, but the volunteers may not have expected the amount of walk-in donors. Due to limited space and volunteers some donors were turned away if they had not made an appointment in advance.

Volunteers at the front table agreed that they’d rather have to turn people away, than beg for people to come make a donation.

Arriving for their appointment and checking in, donors were given informational packets and questionnaires. They were asked about basic health history and met with a nurse who would be assessing the donor before they gave blood. If given a clean bill of health from the nurse, they would be seated in the center of the room on a medical table where another nurse would extract a pint of blood. After donating, donors were treated to free snacks and refreshments in order to recuperate.

In total, the Red Cross received approximately 130 pints of blood from SCSU students and faculty. This is almost double the amount of last year’s blood drive, which totaled about 70 pints.


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